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    I hope they bring back some of the monkey items, they made such a tiny window for them you'd think they were party hats


    anyway, back to waiting for them to let us put the red topaz machete on the toolbelt

    And the oily fishing rod.



    you can store a lot of crap in the tackle box (including raw fish), so this isn't gonna happen


    on the other hand, there's zero reason to restrict machetes

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  2. I mean, Seren's kind of neat, but she's also kind of wishy washy compared to the gods we have now....the only reason she isn't being killed now is that she's technically already dead :P


    but the same mistakes are being made here, people voting for things before they even know what they are. this is how we ended up with half of elf city being functionally useless, people....

  3. I've already crossed over to the cash store dark side, so I can't really help you much there, but it's likely that they're aiming to introduce more pieces of that outfit later on anyway, unless you're set on creating your own look.


    That being said, there aren't many options that are both sparkly and not cash store. Elven clothing sets make a good match with seasons gear, though.

  4. in some small way, i feel like every single player deserves the hell that they have built for themselves


    problem npcs = any mob actually worth killing with a weapon that ranks above level 90


    while we're at it, let's make keris only work on rats but buff the damage to 10 million


    hey, remember that cool thing you got? it doesn't do jack now yaaaaaaaaaay


    tbh, the demon drops in of themselves are not that valuable anyway, so i'm not really sure what the concern here is at all


    flash mob demon drop rarity already handles that issue (if you thought people are just doing it now because of darklight, that's dumb because you could pick up a tree branch and join a mob quite easily)


    kalgs are mostly done to collect titles


    abyssal demons weren't even that strong to begin with and are slayer level gated


    overall if they want to task gate it fine but darklight's upgrade hasn't really broken the game

  5. blaze, your argument skills are...questionable


    people have actually been dressing like santa BEFORE the santa suit existed because santa hats were first


    they used default red colored clothing


    if i were going to be pointing any fingers, it's at bunny ears


    in any case, you're always going to find a way to be unhappy if you expect outfits to arrange themselves perfectly for you in an environment where the clothes are made by people who don't have any idea how to design flexible core outfit choices


    like the rest of us did back then and do now, you're going to have to use your own fashion ability to find what works for you


    if you want help, you should start a thread in the assistance forum about outfit design, i'm done with this topic in here and nobody else wanted to talk about it

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