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  1. I have an old account named Chef Richy, which I was training to be a cooking pure (lol).
  2. Good luck irl fellow tip.it'er! :cry:
  3. Lol, I've had misplacedme added on my friends list before I even knew he used tip.it, let alone was one of the tip.it crew 8-)
  4. I think they should keep it in, there already are very few reasons to go to the new Warrior's Guild anyways.
  5. One I had: I was in Cammy bank, drinking kegs of beer (lol) talking to a couple of the P Mods that we're lingering about there. So one of the PMods starts doing the rasberry emote to me for about a minute, then he went back to his fletching. So I stood behind him and started doing the angry emote at him saying I was smacking him in the back of the head. Then he said: "Oh yeah? Well....I got a secret weapon here!!! Haha!!!" - (He brought out a rubber chicken) So I ran all the way down the range guild with him chasing me and probably about 20 people in cammy bank saying either "lol, rofl, or 'Get him _____!'"
  6. GRRR, thats the best I can do. Ok, im extremely tired and don't feel like trying to figure this out anymore (I've edited this post at least 40 times). Just Save File As and open in paint, all it says is Recovery last set Feb 22 - 2002.
  7. Some guy was saying he could dupe things if you leaved it on his table for exactly 11 seconds then picked it up. I put my tinderbox on the table (lol) and then got ejected. Went up, guy appears to be offline. So I report him, and about a week later I get this message in my inbox from Jagex: ******************************************************** Just a quick note to say that we have now had a chance to look at the abuse report that you recently sent to us. You will be pleased to know that we have now taken action against the player you reported and we hope that they will not be causing any more trouble in the game. Thanks again for helping to make Runescape a better game for everyone. Sincerely, RuneScape Customer Support
  8. Yeah, I never really understood that kind of speech, it just makes the user sound stupid :o
  9. Lol, not gona happen, sorry to burst your bubble kiddo.
  10. In all honestly, I would probably have ran up and attack Duriel. For one, you'd be more well know, ESPECIALLY if you actually took him down and ended his "massacure". Eh, thats my two cents, even though I would most likely not be able to kill a level 111, the fact that someone was fighting back would just show Jagex that good can come in a bad situation. And + if they banned me I'd make a big scene about how I was helping :)
  11. Now I got an image stuck in my head of a group of J Mods gathering around a frantic Andrew holding a calculator and writing notes on a pad of paper :D . Very interesting
  12. Try World 6, that gave me a good win ratio, though it also has the same problem with the population limit of the server...
  13. Quit a good point Saidin, though sometimes when people just leave, guests are booted from the house, so it can't be an offical feauture, in my opinion.
  14. Nice Valor!!! You'll always be the #1 constructonist ( :D ) in my view
  15. I'll come once I get 80 cb. 1k attk exp to go! :o
  16. add Dusty668 I'll come if its for real :D
  17. yup :) Thats howd I've made my money so far, ahhh, good ol' inflation, gota love it. 8-)
  18. Ya i know 8-) Im trying to get all my exploiting in today, currently making another 400 planks :twisted:
  19. I had about 1k oak logs in my bank, so I just made them all into planks and sold them for 2k each. 1mil per hour of work :):)
  20. I'll buy EVERYONES Beer and Beer Glasses 10 each, Glasses 20 each, Beer. Im trying to collect 10k :D
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