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  1. Kinda why after my main got banned I stopped playing RS. 25% of the reason I played was for end-level content and 75% was the social aspect. By the time I left in 2011, my friends list was deserted.


    The name-change ability from 2009 was the beginning of the end. I started playing MW2, by then if i quit for three or four months I'd barely recognize my friends list. I have nothing against higher exp rates, but RS3 takes it too far. The reason people left for CoD/LoL et al. was because these games didn't require MASSIVE time investment to play high level content. When there wasn't much late game content it's not too bad, but now low level/mid level content is deserted as swathes have left.. It's not fun playing on your own in much less populated worlds compared to before. Another example of when Jagex's inaction to a changing gaming market has hurt them. The good thing about OSRS is it  has features which people wanted in 2007, more developer interaction and more bosses while keeping familiarity*. Also Micro transactions (non cosmetic) is BS  <_<



    *Yes I know EOC was in beta for a long time. However many RS players return after prolonged period out. A player from 2011 will struggle to transition to RS3. A player from 2006 rejoining in 2011 wouldn't find it so hard. 

  2. Reddit, RSWiki and complete lack of support for fansites.


    The biggest RS community is now on reddit. There is simply no way for any forums to compete with that. They have a huge user advantage over the traditional forums, plus their format is simply better.


    Then there's the RS Wiki. As sad as it is for me to say, fansites are mostly dead. With how quickly the Wiki updates and a complete lack of support from Jagex, there simply isn't much of a reason to venture outsite of the Wiki and reddit. If you look around on reddit, you will see countless jmods posting there every single day.


    I love Tip.It and I love this community of ours, but being honest, we really cannot compete with those 2 websites, no one can.


    I feel the demise of traditional fansites has been in tandem with RS evolving. Today everything is about EXP, as it has been for around 5 years. You can google any RS item (pretty much) and get an instant page about it on the RS wiki. Tip it can't compete with that. There was a time long ago when I had to go through the item database on this site and bestiary. Now I can google it. Some of the key things Tip it was used for; Quest guides, Treasure trails have been superseded. Demand has changed and Tip it doesn't have the reach to meet it.


    PS: It's very sad that Jmod only began to truly interact with the community once it became a fragment of what it once was. I wish they'd talked to us more back in 2005/6 and been responsive to suggestions then (using the forums). I play LoL and Riot are willing to listen to the community unlike Jagex (well where). 

  3. Hey first time posting (long time browser :D). If I wasn't banned right now i'd probably say "They deserve it". But after being banned recently (in my opinion unfairly), i'd say this is a good step by Jagex to allow people to buy back their accounts - especially if they've been unfairly banned.

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