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  1. you are one of the best pixelists i have seen, although, the more you've the done, the "worse" they are 10/10 as a person \
  2. i hate the positioning of "SunShower", other than that, everything seems to be great, the light source and then toning fits perfect
  3. wow, i have never seen a topic like this before HERE good luck with it ppl!
  4. I do love that, you have cropped it very well, but on the shirts, where the 2 suits meet, is it mena be that straight/jagged? And shouldn't the text have gone behind them? But, you have gone for a very good style, and I cant fault you there. Personally, I :3> It
  5. Yes, I Agree Totally. The render is their just to be the focus, but making it the whole purpose of it ruins it, especially when you never did the render yourself.
  6. geez, im gonna have to take a pic.... *wipes dust off 8.3 mps camera and then prepares to take an image, then realises their are no decent snapshots....* ...maybe tomorrow? Soon, you'll see one of my digital images! And, i'm a camera pro! :P EDIT: I do very much like the first image, but theirs something about the second I dislike. The first one has been caught very well, usually, someone would just get an image of the berries, but you got that just right, and the camera has also put some decency into the image
  7. wow, i love it with colour, that looks amazing! and yes, i see no body, and it does look partly 2d.. well, it did.... :?
  8. A.K.A This idea is pants lol I Disapprove of it too. Jagex won't do this, and you've left this late. They have to plan events 6 months in advance. 1 month will not do, the designers aren't einstein are they? DISAPPROVE!
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