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  1. Thanks sluggy. Always good to see you around. Lookin good btw ;) G. PS I am doing try number 40 as I type this. It is now official, I can do the first 30 some rounds asleep. :P
  2. woah, THANKS for the help. I always had to wait until I saw him in the air to decide. maybe this will help me.
  3. Thanks now I am back at it. Heck I got 70 more tries left. :D
  4. Anybody wanna translate this part to english for me? I have NO idea what these comments have to do with the post. G
  5. OK I was nice enough to change the title for you all. But geesh could you lighten up just a little bit. 1. My stats GET me to Jad. Once you are there its technique and concentration that count. 2. I don't know about guthans at every level but I have NOT had any issue with staying healthy until Jad. 3. WTH makes you think I can manage 3 prayer switches, melee, when I can't even manage 2, range?? 4. I have read guides, asked questions, watched videos, etc. Part of the reason I kept/keep trying is due to my stats and the fact that some folks make it look SO easy. 5. I have yet to get to Jad without 2 saras and 3 or 4 super restores/pray pots. The purpose behind this post was to see if anyone else, like h2oman710, had tried as hard. For your furthur critiquing pleasure this is what I go with:
  6. As for money it doesn't cost me to much as i can make supers and pray pots, Crystal bow and guthans repair is bout it. I get xp for it, I would be training range and att. anyways so doing it isn't to big a deal. I think I am pretty close do deciding it isn't any fun any more though. G.
  7. So I just finished my 30th attempt, 20 of them I have gotten to Jad :evil: . You would think by now I could get the healer distraction, potting, prayer switching down, but alas... no... :oops: Anybody put in more effort without one? G PS I am not sure if I am done yet or not.
  8. Sorry but Wiki had been quoted once so I added something better. I assume Jagex wouldn't lie about their own history when trying to hire more people. G.
  9. http://web.apu.ac.uk/stu_services/camb/ ... 190106.doc Many of the people you are calling liars are VERY respected adults. (No not every adult is.) Done yet??
  10. By the way Paul, would you have had Jagex ban Bluerose for selling Rune 2H for in excess of 2 mil each, at a time when that was probably more then a Blue hat is worth now? Or the first 10 or so folks that got 85 slayer and sold whips for 20mil+? How about those thieves that are selling guthans for 10mil+, more or less currently? Oh yes and these were/are all "rares". Of course R2H is probably more rare now then when she was making them. Everybody sell your stuff to Paul at the high alch price so he can afford it. PHATs 2gp anyone? G.
  11. OK fine rares don't add anything to the game. WHAT EXACTLY DO THEY SUBTRACT FROM YOUR PLAY? If you can answer that then maybe I will have some basis to agree with you. Other then that, and this is in the best communication, spelling, and grammar I can muster for someone that is totally clueless. SHUT UP! BTW I am NOT a 16 yo kid, I have owned, lost and sold a few rares but am not a merchant, and you should check high scores before you start chatting about who owns rares and the skills they have. I know for certain that 3 of the top 10 (or 20, high scores have moved around a bit since construction) have hat SETS, mask SETS, and other rares in their bank. Have a nice day. G After reading some more I have more to say. You come off as somehow more intelligent then the rest because you write more and make complete sentences but you say the same things they are saying to you. "Stupid idiot don't you see I am right?" One of many points you made is if Jagex liked/understood/wanted rares why haven't they made more. Um lets see first there were drag meds, then clues, then legs, then chains, then...... THEY HAVE **** <---put your favorite derogatory term there. One last thing here is THE solution for you. You are no longer allowed to sell anything for gp, you cannot buy anything. You aren't even allowed to trade items for something. Everything you have purchased with gp up til now sell back. ONLY wear or use items you can make or have been dropped for you personally. Now YOU no longer care what I, or anyone else buys or sells anything on rs for because the only cost you see is your time to make things. And yes EVERY skill can be done without gp including construction. It will take years before you see 99 on anything but combat but it can be done.
  12. Three things: 1. People have waited a long time for construction (carpentry was my only 1 level skill for like 5 months) Some have collected rares waiting for this release. SO now they are selling them. More supply then before price drops. 2. Many have been asking for money sinks even before RS2. No you could not alch notes but you could line up the spellbook and inventory just right to alch most of your items in 2 clicks with no movement. Merchanting to a point is fine IMHO but santas went from 9 to almost 13 mil in like 4 days. 3. GP is an item as was said. If gp as an item is harder to get I am going to value it more vs items I buy. If I can go to barrows 3 times and profit 5 mil gp paying 8k for a pray pot is ok. If I have to go 10 times to get thesame 5 mil well now 8k seems a bit high. Prices will stabilize as the economy adjusts to poh. The rich will continue to get rich because they know how, or play way to much, the poor will either learn how or stay poor. I also agree that most people are going to reach the construction level they are willing to pay for and pretty much stop. I know for me that is about level 55 right now. Then I am not a skill total person. I do think you want to make your plank money as fast as possible because when the slow down comes you will all be complaining that the price of planks is nothing now.
  13. Oh I forgot the best part. I have had members for 48 hours after being gone for almost a year. :)
  14. Dagannoth, lag, white phat on ground. Last night. Had that thing for 2 years. Oh well.
  15. There are some people, you know who you are, that will actually care to know that I am playing RS again. PM me if you see me on. PS Jewel I have your dragon ammy finally.
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