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  1. Never gonna make you cry

    Never gonna say goodbye

    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

  2. Colour*

    I shall nazi your spelling until it is British. =þ

    And yes, it is indeed lovely. ^^

  3. Purple suits you. <3

  4. A what now? xD

  5. How fares you?

  6. Aye, plunderin' knowledge for examinations. T' sea not bein' kind, but that gold be mine!

  7. It made me lol. XD

  8. I just lost the Game.

  9. Hey Skeptic, how is that guest article coming along?

  10. Yes ma'am, will do. <3

  11. Sallyneeb, Ned just made me lose the game. :D

  12. Jaffy1

    I just lost the game again thanks to your lovely comment on my profile. :P

  13. Another the Game post.

    Hey Howlin. :)

  14. Jaffy1

    No, I'm pretty sure I lost it. ;)

  15. I should indeed.

  16. I know right. Those silly boys. ^^

  17. The Game indeed.

  18. Aye, you better. =þ

  19. I suppose I do. xD

  20. and a happy new year. :)

  21. Couldn't be bothered prodding an admin for it, and I really don't care. xD

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