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  1. Yeah, the Comic is definitely superior in every way.


    Though, that is only because of time constraints placed upon the movie, to do Watchmen well, you'd probably need at least 5 hours, not many people are willing to watch something that long, though I definitely would.


    Books will always be better than films, until we're allowed to have films that are longer than 3 hours, and not in multiple parts. I'm looking at you Deathly Hallows.

  2. Yeah, 30 Days of Night looked pretty cool, the box of the blu-ray version is thin, so I nearly missed it.


    Xecer, I really don't watch a lot, compared to some, and what I do watch is actually pretty limited.


    I was thinking of Shutter Island, the trailers look pretty good, same with Law Abiding Citizen.

  3. Because the humour is easy to understand. The jokes are short, quick and simple.


    That being said, I have a somewhat love/hate relationship with Family Guy. I got put off it for a good 6+ months because some people at school (when I was still in High School) thought it was funny to repeat the same jokes over and over from it, so I just got sick of it.


    I've never really bothered with South Park, though I have to say Futurama is the best, I just wish there was more of it.

  4. I wouldn't use melee to kill the KBD unless you are maxed.


    Range with Ruby (e) until half health then Diamond (e) is a better method, as long as you stand next to him, on opposite sides, and pray. At decent range levels, you should manage 10+ kills a trip. With 3 people, 25+ is possible. You'll probably have to take a Terrorbird, I remember taking one, though it's been awhile, so I can't remember the inventory.


    Plus if it's at a good time, I'm usually up for a KBD trip, if you want.

  5. Hell yes about the Doctor Who special. I agree fully!


    Personally, I dislike bacon, I can eat it, but I choose not to, as it's not really to my taste to eat much of it. Then, on the other side is my mate who prefers bacon (if I'm hungry in the morning, I'll get a sausage roll (the kind with actual sausages and a bread roll) at college, and he'll get a bacon one, never have either of us got the other.)


    Thankfully, I haven't met the people that love bacon that much they'll drift off thinking about it.


    As a final note, you forgot to mention the 2nd part of the Doctor Who special on New Year's Day. Shame on you. :angry:

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