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  1. Every [bleep]ing time I'm in my math class one kid shouts out "Oh, I lost The Game!" and then every freaking kid screams "I lost The Game."

    People actually do that? What country do you live in, geekistan? :/ (Lame joke I know)


    I'm embarrassed for you. It's that bad.

  2. since women here dont like guys under 20.


    Reeeeally? All women? So as you as you hit 20, you're in?



    Didn't he say "dont like" ? So I image, as you hit 20, you're out ? That make little sense... :|


    He say "dont like guys under 20" meaning that they do not like guys that are under 20.

  3. Firstly, it's "Dungeoneering", since you wanted the spelling.


    Secondly, I'll confirm what Qeltar says, however, it is not guaranteed you'll get Katagon. I duo with my girlfriend, we're both maxed melees and I've noticed that what armour you get is seemingly random (we're both maxed range too if it helps), it'll never go above Tier 8, yet often, it is below that.


    To put it in the most simple terms, you can get equipment up to tier 8, or the highest you can equip on the tables.

  4. George, you shall never be known as the Keeper of Tea and Crumpets! You shall be Senpai and nothing else!


    Sarge, it's not going to work, give it up, forget about her.

  5. This is an extreme example, but you seem to be saying that the life of someone like Charlie Manson is worth the same as amy random person chosen out of a crowd.


    Tbh, one life is not equal to another.


    Who says that random person is not a murder, rapist or paedophile?


    Anyway, this has progressed into extreme scenarios in which it seems murder is the only choice. As long as we have laws against it, murder cannot be justified.

  6. You're saying you need to kill the man in order to save the child.


    Do you really need to kill him in order to save the child? After all..It's not like you have to kill him with your shot.

  7. In the end, a life is still lost.


    Who says one human is worth more than another? In the eyes of the law and society, you'd be a murderer. Name a situation (aside from war) where you'd have to kill in order to save someone.

  8. Tell me this then Dan.


    Why would we attempt to prevent those who make death threats? And even in cases arrange for help to figure out what makes them want to kill?


    Morals may be relative, but we live in a society with laws we should follow, which means I can't go out and kill some guy because in my mind I have a justified reason. Tell me how society would view me then.

  9. For the next few weeks, I'll be unable to really talk to her because she has to study for exams, then she's away for two weeks during the summer, followed by a work exp.


    Only after all that, in August I might add, do I get to see her again. Yeah..You have it pretty easy compared to me.

  10. My girlfriend's parents have just informed her that she can only hang out with me once per week.


    I'm really not sure what to do here, but once a week isn't an option.

    I get to see my girlfriend about once a month, if I'm lucky. Long distance sucks. :thumbdown:


    I'm sure you'll be fine though. Once a week seems bad, but hell, I'd give my laptop for that.


    Oh, and on topic: I bought a small feast of fizzy drinks and sweets, and have spent the day on the xbox and laptop. NOM NOM.


    Be thankful.


    And sort out your diet.

  11. There can't be one.


    What could possibly justify taking the life of another human? They're a murderer? Congrats, you're no better.


    They murdered/raped someone in your family? That's not justice, that's revenge.

  12. I have played only about 24 hours total on the account over the whole month so foreals? [Cabbage] you guys..


    so in a month, either 30 or 31 days, you played 24 hours total. That's less than an hour a day. Pathetic stats. 0/10.


    Coming from someone with 99 Fletching banked... :rolleyes:


    To the OP, fairly good progress so far, especially for a more casual player than anything.

  13. You cannot sell spirit shards.


    I take it you never been to a pet shop? The person in there has a sell-all option for spirit shards.


    I take it you haven't used it?


    You can only sell a max of 50k per transaction, so you'd be at it a damn while if you have a big pile.

  14. There have been major debates over the validity of that test on these forums. Berserker wins almost every time.

    Where is that debate. Qeltar's results are pretty clear actually. I'd love to see some more people testing this though.


    I'd call the results strange when in 1 case, he actually records more kills without a ring.

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