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  1. Yeah I had 4 Brawlers, but I barely needed the last. FM Gloves last for 1.2K logs each.
  2. I had gotten some Firemaking Brawlers so I decided to knock out another 99. Firemaking Brawlers are great. It took 4K Magic Logs to go from 94-99 FM.
  3. Jagex obviously wants to pacify the PVP crowd without allowing RWT. Through several failures they have not been able to find the right mix yet. I think the biggest problem that Jagex has made is by telling us too much information. They told us exactly how much you have to risk for the other person to get a drop, they told us exactly how much you have to risk for you to get a drop, they gave us a specific EP % to let us know when we could get good drops, etc. Because of this, everyone can easily figure out what to do to get great drops. Personally I think the EP % indicator was the biggest problem. For example, I got 99 Fishing by fishing Monks at Piscatoris on PVP worlds. There was no EP % then so I would just 26K every once in a while and rarely got any good drops. I would often fish for days before 26King, thinking that this would increase my drop potential. Now I know that my EP is maxed at 40% after 2 hours at Piscatoris. If I would have known this, I would have 26Ked every 2 hours and/or found a fishing spot in a hot zone. It may sound stupid, but I would like Jagex to come up with new rules for PVP and then not tell us exactly how they work. PKers will continue to PK because they like it and will stumble upon tactics that seem to lead to better drops and non-PKers will not be sitting in Hotzones for 2 hours and then making millions. You can't really fault any players for taking advantage of the current system since Jagex states it's not breaking any rules, and it's one of (if not the) best money makers in the game.
  4. It's a shame the the Quest Cape cannot be trimmed. It has a cool emote and completing all quests has always been a nice accomplishment. But since it is untrimmed, it's mostly worn by lower leveled players who don't have 2 or more 99's, thus helping to keep it's reputation as a "noob" cape. If it could be trimmed, I would gladly wear mine some even though I have 12 other capes to choose from.
  5. I have to agree with your friend in the picture. :thumbdown:
  6. Thanks all. I was in the SODBFORUM CC. Slayers Of Dangerous Beasts is a community of boss monster hunters. Feel free to stop by if you want to kill something :thumbsup:
  7. Behind the rune ore is my Pick Axe and my Karamja Gloves. I take a Pack Yak on Dark Beast tasks and use the scrolls to bank items. That's why I had to note the Ore to fit everything in one picture. Yaks are nice but they make for sloppy inventory pics.
  8. Here are some of my October Highlights Started the month off with a maxed out combat level... And my skilling kick got me these two levels (and a nice total level)... And then I decided to get my last combat 99... And just so you don't think I went soft, I still do some killing... And here is a pretty good Dark Beast task...
  9. I will always be your Berranub. 99 Crafting is next but if I get it now I would probably just throw the cape in my Costume Room so I am waiting a bit. Thanks Socc for pushing me to go ahead and get 99 Summoning. And I still have your chocolate bar. :D No goals right now. I am just enjoying my 99 Summoning. I'm sure it won't take too long to come up with a new goal though. ;) Thanks. Yeah Yeah. I have had 99 Prayer banked for a long time, I just can never get motivated to level Prayer. I hated Summoning too when it first came out. But the second batch was a great update and I really like the high level Familiars. Thank you very much! Yeah I didn't do anything crazy for 99 Summoning. I went from 96-99 in a day, but that's nothing special. Too bad I stink at PvP. I found out that Steel Titans own at Fight Pits though.
  10. I finally knocked out 99 Summoning! I was already 99 Slayer before Summoning, but I still did a lot of Slayer for Charms. I also did some Rock Lob bursting, but I limited myself by not buying any Death Runes. No idea how much it cost in total. I'm pretty sure I don't want to know :D . Just got a Red Dragon Egg. Time to go hatch it. Rate/Hate
  11. Anything is possible since this is their game, but I think there are more likely ways for them to fix the situation. The easiest solution would be to make 3rd Age more common in Clue Scrolls. Also, Jagex has the ability to adjust prices however they want in the GE beyond the 5% limit. A more likely scenario would be for Jagex to simply raise the prices 5% everyday until pieces start selling.
  12. Berrakus


    There are 3 costs associated with Summoning: Gathering the Charms - This can range from making money (like Slayer) to costing a ton (like Bursting Rock Lobsters). Just depends on how fast and easy you want your Charms. Shards - Shards really add up, especially at the higher levels. And waiting 2 levels to Swap Pouches for Shards can mean having to buy a lot more Shards to keep training. Seconds - Prices vary greatly here. Some you can gather for free, some you have to buy (such as Bagged Plants). Everybody takes their own path in Summoning. Decide what path you want to take and then you can start working out the costs.
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