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  1. Wilderness course is way less frustrating than Brimhaven and faster aswell.
  2. Chat entry username: 62 Primary Use: Discussing the Off-Topic board of the RSOF Additional Comments:
  3. In the Getting Around general guide, it says you need to have completed Ghosts Ahoy! to access Port Phasmatys via the charter ships. You don't.
  4. Do your math again. :P OT: Alot of tree seeds :lol: , and the items for some 99s.
  5. i believe I addressed that issue. It is boring and it is hard on the wrist but it is the BEST xp/hr in f2p. That is what this guide is about. You can sacrifice a little bit of that to browse internet, but dropping 26 fish takes about 40 seconds for me. Plus I make mistakes. Dropping the 4 four fish that are mentioned in this guide, takes me 2 seconds on average. Everyone has their own methods. I cannot spend much time playing rs (1-2 hours at most in one sitting) so for me I want to pack that hour with as much xp as possible. You could almost say that I "no-lyfe" for one hour to get lots of xp and then logout till the next day. It all boils down to those pros and cons of each method. Do you want to get 25% more xp or surf the web? Fair enough. What I didn't say yet, well written guide, and very clear.
  6. Sorry, but I don't agree with the fish-4-drop-4 method. I always fish and drop full bags, because in the meantime you can do other things, just browsing the internet, etc. Always dropping 4 will get SO boring.
  7. cannonballs = way too slow knives = free, but will take you ages for 99 gold/steel = costs a LOT of money
  8. Or be a Metallica fan (like me): the title of an instrumental is based on it: The Call Of Ktulu. (which is obviously based on Lovecraft too, Cliff was a fan of those tales) There are a lot in the songs: 'Aye Car Rum Ba': Bart Simpson. 'Catch Me If You Can' is a movie I believe. 'Escape' is a Metallica song too, but it's a common used word so it probably isn't based on that. 'Faithless' is some music act too, but same thing as with Escape here. 'Golden Touch': the tale of king Midas (sp?). 'Hells Bells': AC/DC song. 'Tomb Raider': Lara Croft (sp?) There must be lots more I didn't notice.
  9. Dragonhide armour: Made from 100% real dragonhide. Ferret: It likes ferreting around. Burnt lobster: Oops! Skull half (SOS): Ooh spooky!
  10. Some of my teachers => Creatures in Barbarian Assault.
  11. LOL at myself in top-2, even though I was the noob :oops: The one of Eddie_682 is really the best. :lol: Here's one of Pest Control, when I attack a spinner together with someone 40ish levels lower.
  12. Mystery solved. Tolna's rift does lie close to the sewers so it's just the same like with the Mogres etc. The only one I know that's not right is Arzinia and the Recruitment Drive area next to eachother.
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