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Status Updates posted by MageUK

  1. Officially the first Members+, I mean wait... what is Members+?!?

  2. She knows she doesn't have to post on my profile so I know she loves me.

  3. I miss you too! xxx

  4. I can ban Rainy. We can make it like he never existed.

  5. *bans Sentry*

  6. Sentry while that is sweet she may still actually end you.

  7. *sets profile comments to require approval*

  8. Well, I think you just like trying to get people to post on your page, and by doing that I've just helped you. The answer to your question is yes though.

  9. You are awesome-r!

  10. I'm busy trying to work out what your signature is. :P

  11. Pretty good here! Thanks for the message :) How's yourself?

  12. /me gives 100 stalker points and 2 cookies.

  13. I do not understand your question. I fear it is some sort of trick!

  14. Clearly because 2011 is so much better than 2010! Well. Maybe.

  15. TIF is back so here is your profile comment. :O I totally forgot what I was going to say before now. :( xxx

  16. Nooo, QV ruined the streak! D: xxx

  17. Wow I am catching you, and look what you did again, I woke up at 1:30pm. :X Miss you, talk to you soon xxx

  18. You get way more profile views than me BUT, I'm now beating you for comments since I have 2 in a row on yours now!

  19. What happens when you reach 10?!?

  20. Oh my! Secrets!?

  21. Drive by comment!

  22. I'm going to end you.


  24. is probably never going to do a status update again.

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    2. Pirate_Felix


      I dont think so young grasshopper.

    3. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      Yeah, that would make for a confusion-loaded headache... =P

    4. Youmu



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