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  1. I havent got banned cos im too dumb to learn the scripts to auto and im too lazy to actually try to scam or talk to people. The one thing they do need to fix is the reporting system. I always get reported by 'newbies" for supposed offensive language. It isnt my fault that jagex blocks half the words of the english language. Also immature people always report me for item scamming because i wont sell them items for ridiculously low prices or for free. Anyway i havent got any black marks from it which leads me to believe JaGex just doesnt care anymore.
  2. Yeah plus, Runescapes supposed to be for 13+ year olds but if you can't handle a couple of minor swear words like a different word for buttocks I'm afraid to say your a momma's boy. :uhh: Exactly, whats the point in blocking out words when the game is built for teens and up? Group chat will be a good add on though for clans and the like.
  3. 1) Personally i dont find it very useful or pays off. 2)Defenders are obtainable from killing the cyclops in ahh the warrios guild i think its called. 3) Not sure
  4. ....whats with people these days. Havent any of you seen the level 47 with a fire cape? If you use your prayer right and read some guides you should be able to get one.
  5. Shilo fly fishing gets the most experience by far.
  6. Agility takes too much time as it isnt very much material/money orientated. Prayer is good because you can finally get 126 combat but id probably go construction. Who doesnt want a huge mansion with their own dungeon plus the altar will help with prayer. Also note many people have construction and probably wont get it to 99 so its also a good choice hi-scores wise.
  7. Barrows is quite unreliable for runes. I say unles u have a high runecrafting level definately go to S.O.S and kill ankous, they drop plenty of bloods, deaths and also level 3 clues :
  8. Well im a member and the credit card thing hasnt ripped me off. Dont pay by mail because it has a chance of getting lost or stolen during the mail process so yeah credit card or phone are the safest.
  9. Could you post what the clue says saves me from looking it up.
  10. Dragon bones with your best exp enhancer e.g guilded altar or w/e
  11. Rune sucks, d long is better or just go all out and get whipe :thumbsup:
  12. Go to cannafis. 85% of the slayer tasks from vannaka are level 75+. Last task he gave me was bronze dragons so yeah. You can try him if you like because even if it is too hard you can always go back to burthrope and get an easier one.
  13. Constant fireworks all day i say. Make Jagex get of their behinds and give us something thats actual above par for an event.
  14. Just to clarify for all those who say RuneScape isn't ment for people under 17 or so. Why would jagex make it a G rated game? Because everyones allowed to play it and also if Jagex did make the game for older teens/adults im going to be really annoyed that they got that damn chat filter.
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