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  1. Was there actually an instant voyage completion bug? I presumed the bug was using quick hopping to lower the timer by 1 min, which completed voyages 6-7 times faster, then rerolling from randoms. Fixed now as hopping increases time by 1 minute.
  2. Where do you disable challenges? Can't find the option anywhere :S
  3. Is there a fish flighers clan chat yet that calls the combos? Saves time getting the medals.. :P
  4. I swear i saw in BTS that cannons would get a longer decay time and hold more cannonballs..guess they changed it or i dreamt it.
  5. I'm a player moderator which helps a lot, it's hard at first and the bets slowly build up as trust is earned after they see you pay others out big amounts.
  6. I've been hosting dice the last few days and made roughly 700m. Cleaned a few people of their bank and felt a bit sorry for them but oh well. Largest bet so far has been 125m. It's addictive even hosting. If anyone wants to play more than welcome to join my cc, i pay x2 for 60-100 :P
  7. Ed Sheeran - You Need Me, I Dont Need You
  8. Bat For Lashes - Use Somebody (Kings Of Leon Cover)
  9. Elvis Presley- Can't Help Falling in Love
  10. Bought L4D2 cheap on steam few weeks ago..not got round to installing yet though. Working my way through NSMBs atm.
  11. Plan B - Cast A Light Ft. Jose Gonzalez
  12. Kick-Ass, was a fun a movie...looking forward to the sequel.
  13. National Treasure, was good..better than recent Nicholas Cage movies i've seen.
  14. It shouldn't be raised, wouldn't mind allowing people to assist once they hit their cap though and not get any xp..since then it will atleast take some of the "free xp" out of the game.
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