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  1. Looks awesome Ashley!


    I'm not really into collecting them, but I do enjoy old books :P I managed to get some books when I did an exchange in the UK, it's amazing what you can find in some of the shops there. Managed to get some first edition Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton's in good condition pretty cheap, since you're there now go book finding in some small country towns!

  2. Sounds really good, you've got the breathing down. Didn't seem to be any mistakes in your playing, you were playing all the notes correctly and at the right time.


    Constructive criticism.


    - Work on phrasing, just being able to play a piece isn't everything. At the end of each phrase you're cutting the note short to take a breath, there's no rush, hold the note for the full beat before you take a breath.


    - Use more dynamics, start a phrase softly and crescendo through it then decrescendo as you get to the end of the phrase, dynamics are a huge part of playing a piece. Listen to a professional recording and concentrate on the dynamics the player uses.


    Otherwise, sounded great :wink:

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