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  1. You're missing all the cow puns

  2. Das wants to know if you're lesbian. He even put money on it

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    2. Laikrob


      That does sound like a compliment/insult. Compsult.

    3. jimmy_jim


      Das reckons you skipped the question!

    4. Laikrob


      Das reckons wrongly. :)

  3. My God you're sexy

  4. Monty Python!

    1. obfuscator
    2. jimmy_jim


      "Look, let me go back in there and face the peril. No, it's too perilous."

      Monty Python and the holy grail

    3. jimmy_jim


      greatest quote ever ffs

  5. Happy birthday you beautiful man.

  6. Really keen to go to the Ashes next year. It's the last series in England before I finish Uni. Start swimming now and meet me there, k?

  7. Did you know Aaron's gay? He came out yesterday

  8. I see you perving on my profile

  9. Check out Tino Best, got 95 runs as #11 against England. Then went for a crazy tail-end style slog

  10. Better now I'm talking to a leprechaun! How's things bro?

  11. sure is flacid 'round here

  12. Damn irish

  13. moar like ur gay and i no it

    1. Marco


      Haha, that Carlill v Carbolic case and Donaghue v Stevenson are probably the most memorable cases during my whole degree! Kudos too for finding such a meta meme - can't imagine many people would have any idea what it means ;)

    2. jimmy_jim


      I can't get R v Brown out of my head, one [bleep]ed up case

  14. Hello Jimmy Anderson

  15. They still haven't abolished crew? Madness

  16. I didn't see you on the TV :(

  17. It's not even your birthday

  18. Dude, you look so much like Matthew Wade

  19. By retired y guy means retarded

  20. I enjoy you, and your signature quote.

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