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  1. + 1 profile views

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    2. Zzzuperman


      IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Rainy_Day


      Come to my profile, 23k views. I'm so much cooler than this pretender.

    4. Rainy_Day


      HA Likely story.

  2. Das wants to know if you're lesbian. He even put money on it

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    2. Laikrob


      That does sound like a compliment/insult. Compsult.

    3. jimmy_jim


      Das reckons you skipped the question!

    4. Laikrob


      Das reckons wrongly. :)

  3. Monty Python!

    1. obfuscator
    2. jimmy_jim


      "Look, let me go back in there and face the peril. No, it's too perilous."

      Monty Python and the holy grail

    3. jimmy_jim


      greatest quote ever ffs

    1. Marco


      Haha, that Carlill v Carbolic case and Donaghue v Stevenson are probably the most memorable cases during my whole degree! Kudos too for finding such a meta meme - can't imagine many people would have any idea what it means ;)

    2. jimmy_jim


      I can't get R v Brown out of my head, one [bleep]ed up case

  4. I love you more than ever girl I do.

  5. Merry Christmas! I got you a new pair of shearers. Where do I send them to?

  6. I'll never stop trying to change you..

  7. 2009 I was in England backpacking for a bit :P 2005 was there on a family holiday. So fun to watch live and shout slander at the poms

  8. Deep fried mars bar time.

  9. It's not even your birthday

  10. you're so much cuter now

  11. Nic, you're fired

  12. You looked at me that's all you had to do,

  13. Sad you got fired bro, but it was for the best

  14. I came here to troll you, then forgot what I was going to do :(

  15. Excellent signature

  16. Oh, Doomy. What we used to have was really something special..Now you've changed.

  17. I want you in the morning girl I love you,

  18. I think she would know him better as Danaconda

  19. nicolols <3 Converted anyone recently?

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