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    Good luck to anyone that applies. :)




    [spoiler=As for me...]Skype?  Really?  I'm screwed.  I hit the dead wall known as my family when it comes to loading up communications applications. :wall:


    Worse, what about all the constant exploiting that happens to Skype?  Bah, I guess being a Tip.It Crewbie is only for Social Media Nuts who don't worry about issues with loading any piece of software they come across. :(



    ~D. V. "All that, and I retired from RuneScape a long time ago." Devnull

    I had to use Skype daily for my time on staff. I never encountered any issues, and to this day haven't. Also, staff never had to download 'any piece of software'. It's Skype. 


    Anywhom, good luck to all who apply. :)


    Good input Arthur 

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  2. Further infractions will result in a Goon ban.

    If you win three of these, you can trade up to a tier 2 prize.

    What prizes are included?

    Three sticks of gum, and your choice of a half filled bottle of sprite, or an empty can of dr pepper.

    Correction: The Dr. Pepper can has .25 ounces in it, due to the last winner being a whiny little [bleep]. The .25 ounces is iced tea without ice, though.

    Goon warnings for all. I do not appreciate you pushing the envelope like this, and if you keep it up, you will be Goon banned.

    Is there an appeal process? I don't mind my TIF warnings, but I really really don't want to be goon banned.

    When you read the fine print, you'll see that Goon bans are non-transferable. But if you happen to collect 4 authentic* tier 2 prizes, you can trade up to a tier 3 prize.

    So what's a tier 3 prize?

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