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  1. i have 2 friends that i have lost total contact with.




    The first one i lost contact with at about New Year 2006, His RSN is stoner321, and his pure is Toko020.








    Another person is Sindylewhew, last time i saw her was about 3 months ago, she didn't say anything just one day didn't come back on :cry:

  2. Heh, i love it when the scammers get owned :wall:








    I was buying a Rune 2h, i saw a level 3 selling for 40k, i though "must be a scam" but you can never be sure. So i put up my 40k and he put up the r2h, then i accepted he accpeted, in the second trade window my offer was 40k and his was Iron 2h and Rune 2h..he mucked up big time, he accepted that as well then realised what he had done, he starting saying "Mason is a scammer all report him" lol.

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