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  1. Someone fails at admining is all

  2. this profile needs moar loving

  3. Way to not get 99 rc, noob

  4. NOW TO 200M [email protected]@@@

    Congrats on 99 farming! Now I want :(

  5. I came here to troll you, then forgot what I was going to do :(

  6. Hardly. I did that when I was a mod

  7. I'll Aaron you in a minute

  8. There's enough of Jimmy to go around

    Also, ben just viewed your profile and didn't say hi, what a meanie

  9. You're coming to brisbane so we can watch Aus own NZ?

  10. shur is arthur round here

  11. I give this profile 1/10

  12. 2009 I was in England backpacking for a bit :P 2005 was there on a family holiday. So fun to watch live and shout slander at the poms

  13. Dammit, I want to go there again :(

    I was there for the 2005 and 2009 Ashes! Saving for 2013 already

  14. Yeah, I do remember hybridwolf :p 'sup?

    I still go on TTFS forums sometimes but so much has changed :(

  15. Need more Goon

  16. Doomy's viewing your profile but not posting.

    So I viewed his and didn't post. I got your back

  17. i demand to know why you haven't logged in for over 2 weeks

  18. I haven't commented here in a while.

    Hey sexy

  19. I am the law, read my sig ffs

  20. The desktop sticky says 'May'

    Change it to June rookie

  21. Sure is tripsis around here

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