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  1. Your fault for choosing 12 hour days.

    My longest is 2-5 on Monday. Lrn2timetable

  2. I know :(

    Petition for admins to have pink names?

  3. Thanks! It's weird seeing red after every post I made now :P

  4. I could say the same about purple!

  5. I think your name looks better in orange. I'll fire Rainy_Day if you go back to TET!

  6. Says the person with red hair?

  7. Happy birthday!

    Since you always wish everyone else one :D

  8. So I can stalk peoples profiles anonymously obviously

  9. I think you should log back in so I have someone to talk to on the cricket thread.

    Doomy is boring

  10. Sad that you got fired. I guess it was for the best though

  11. Stop whining, you still won the game :(

    Well now,

    - and off to class I go!
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQB90K73pqM - I saw this, then thought of New Zealand, then thought of you and Doomy and lold
  13. Well, 6 bans :P

    Unless you're counting your other account too L

  14. I could just delete it and take it anyway :P

  15. Must spam more so more people see my [email protected]@

  16. Way to throw me off with a new avatar/sig :(

  17. I like how your sig is still the pretty princess!

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