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  1. ahuh... and judging by ur surpreme sig we all know u posses such magical powers that we gauched out our own eyes because we thought we were not worthy to look at it ey?
  2. wut... sigs? whats with the plural..? thats the only 1 youve ever seeeeen... i got more, but i dont show my work that i actually get paid for to people i dont know...
  3. speaking of noob, look a few centimeters under ur post..
  4. ... AAHAHAHAHAH SO FUNNY!!! :roll:
  5. uhhh hard to see... make them brighter.. example: ...i rule :)
  6. actually ill show u wut i got... i dunno about u, but things seem tolook better when shooting things out of there mouth when its open... and i gotta add some effects... stuff like that... if u like it so far gimme open mouth dino yea, background needs some work.. i know.. just for now.. i do bg first
  7. can u give me a pic of the dino thing with its mouth open?
  8. bout 5 months.. not long.. i dont really do much often... if u wanna see some imade just tell me
  9. sucks, and im not even gonna dignify the second one with a response
  10. i may make one... its a rare ocassion if i do.. but u will piiss your pants
  11. pfft they r all the same just with different colors and a different top layer like for one u chromed it... not cool
  12. i saw some guy named poison gas... not cool but funny so guys name was like i throw stuff at people but he made it crammed together it was funny... bob dole.... best one ever
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