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  1. Pretty sure he got Slayer? Correct me if im wrong I also intend to go for 99
  2. So THIS is the big update they said they were planning for the New Year. Looks amazing :o
  3. Well if we look at this: http://edgeville.net/summoning/ And assume that arachnids have 8 eyes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, insects and mammals 2 and counting wherever possible...also discounting double of animals and not counting infants... I calculate that in those pictures there are 125 eyes. And i doubt that these are ALL the ones we can summon. So surely the "110 eyes" bit wasnt truthful...
  4. Interestingly enough, the SGS saved my hide a couple of months ago many a time, when i was into GWsing... Very useful spec if youre red-barred/out of prayer. Im just annoyed i sold mine at 110m just before the December BTS [in which the 3k limit was forewarned] (bought it at its highest, 120m). I miss it terribly, was such a good weapon :) At pits i got called "n00b [email protected]" all the time, because the spec magically healed me. Good times.
  5. The rabbit wolf reindeer type thing is, as most people have worked out, A Wolpertinger. Through myth, the Wolpertinger DOES lay eggs. So you never know..
  6. Mine is saved as a PNG, as the link shows :| Whats the problem with it?
  7. Range Cape of Santino1989 [url=http://www.dpke.co.uk/][img=http://www.dpke.co.uk/images/32b2931f21.png][/url]
  8. Dude, that outfit is the shiznizzle :thumbsup: You have a good chance of winning :P Not really, outfits are about looks just because that has good stats and costs alot doesn't make it look good. Having an outfit which costs nothing/very little doesn't mean you're going to win either. He likes this outfit, so whats wrong with it costing a lot? I couldve worn full bandos with it, but as i prefer the look of torso/torag legs i decided against it. So no, i didnt pick my outfit based on monetary value.
  9. No, im not particularly inventive, and yes, the SGS looks stupidly flimsy when in the equip screen, but oh well: [url=http://www.dpke.co.uk/][img=http://www.dpke.co.uk/images/32b2931f21.png][/url]
  10. Hi Matey :P (Dub ftw) The only time ive ever had to contact Jagex staff was with a KB query, which was answered in full within about 2 hours :D
  11. You could all fall down the ropeswing in the barbarian agility course ;) Nice small bit under that xD
  12. CB 118 Total 1600+ Cash 75mil (hoarding cash atm, trying to beat the market)
  13. The way i see it: Recently, within the last few months, loads of " 'Ard Gear" has been released: DFS Dark Bow D Full Helm D Boots Full Bandos Full Ardmadyl Godsword Now thats a lot of major item releases. Whos to say more wont follow? However, im personally banking on a new skill release first. ;)
  14. RSN: Liljim Pyro House Location: Yanille (near the bank o course :D) Timeframe: GMT evenings Server(s): 71 is my home :D Construction Level: 80 How to Contact: PM me on here Additional info: Gilded alter with marble burner thingies Top of the range mahogany eagle lecturn House worth 50 mil :D Got a huge dungeon with level 135 tox-il at the end Im always in my house, alching
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