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I've got ur attention now. I cudn't find a gud name cuz this is inspired off another post haha. :-$ \'








I'm wondering, with 91 RC, using abyss, and using super energy pots, how many nats an hour can I make?

2480+ total

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well this answer is also inspired from another topic :P








depends on how fast you are,how much pouches you got and if your using super energies








I got 3 pouches and when I use super energies i can make like 1.6k of them per hour








therefore with double nets u make double :P








now... considering u use 4 pouches when ure 91 i bet u do much more.. so this statistic is not 100% accurate!

Fletching/Fishing/Crafting/Firemaking/cooking cape owner

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That would mean 3200 nats? :o








190 x 3200 = 608 000








Full day: 13 hrs.




13 x 608 000 = 7 904 000




















1600 nats means X trips of 40-42 nats per. (single)




1600/41 = 39 trips




12 ess(giant pouch) x 39 = 468 nats(single)








468 x 2 = 939 nats(double)












3200 +939 = 4139 nats








4139 x 190(profit) = 786 410








Full day: 13 hours




786 410 x 13 = 10 223 330








Wow, if the numbers provided are correct, this is insane money.








Week of 50 hours:




786 410 x 50 = 39 320 500








Still have to deduct the energy pots price. Which I have no clue how much they cost. I'm hope they're not too hard to find. \'

2480+ total

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I don't have 91 Rc yet. I'm planning to spend 60m at the world 66 laws company, that way, getting to 91 rc will only take me 3-4 weeks.








But before, I'm getting 99 hunter, which will take 3-4 weeks too.








But in two months, I'm a lvl 91 rc, wOot.

2480+ total

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