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Shey was here!

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Good job shey :thumbsup: :thumbsup:




71 levels left \'




so hows the double nat going? enjoying it? ;)




hoping so, rich lady :)


tbh, you will need that money for some other 99s..




Have fun!




Etp <3:

Ty Veyron for Siggy help!

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Thanks ETP and yes I am enjoying my double nats hehe.




Anyway 2008 is winding to a close here in Australia, and I am about to head out to celebrate with a fellow scaper in Brisbane so won't be on till next year! XD








Heres my 2008 Bank Pic and Stats










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Happy new year Shey! I've enjoyed talking to you so much these past few months and I'm sure we'll talk soon enough! Enjoy the journey to 99 RuneCrafting and keep up the amazing work, you'll be maxed total in no time flat! Ily, enjoy 2009.




- Bows, Zach.



Jump_GP is a fail merch clan.

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Happy New Year Shey!!




Just looking at your stats and thinking of the cashpile you will have after 99 rc other than agility, farming, and mining the others are quick buyables(or mini-gameables) that will only take a matter of weeks to max out (herb, con, smith, and thief) and summoning can be fast or slow depending on how you take it. Good luck either way and can't wait to see Sheynara the maxed out noob!







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Magic, I play with my chat off a lot of the time, and just talk in clan chats, its too hard to RC while talking in pm.




Anyway finally 97 Runecraft achieved. That was a long level, 1mill xp is a lot when its only 400ish xp per run. Going to take a break from RC now and Slay for Charms for 99 Summon. <3:






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keep it up Shey, not too many left!


Click here to visit my Blog

GWD Drops:: Sara Sword(2); Bandos Boots(2); Steam Staff Split(4)

Dragon:: Boots (16); Whips (2); Dragon (Skirt(2), Helmet(2), Left Half(3))

Dagganoth:: Axes(3) Berserker(3) Mud Staff(2) Seers(1)

No Barrows Drops

99's:: Fletching, Cooking, Attack, Firemaking, Defence,Hitpoints, Magic

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