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defender drop rates


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could someone please post the defender drop rates.








i know theyre random, but they must have some sort of average rate.








because for the past 2 days, ive camped at the warriors guild, i used 300 tokens, and got bronze defender, then it took my 40 to get iron defender, now ive used over 1300 tokens and havent moved up.

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wearing ring of wealth makes a huge difference, it took me 1/5th of the time to get the next defender
ring of wealth affects how often you get an expensve or rare drop. defenders have no value as you can't sell them to general store and so they aren't affected by the ROW
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9,000 tokens spant and i got first rune defender, then another 500 spent and got 2 more.








keep 3 in bank at all times






[spoiler=99's]99 strength achieved 5/27/09.

99 hitpoints achieved 9/30/09.(59,643)

99 attack achieved 11/08/09. (77,453)

99 defence achieved 1/31/10. (63,382)

99 range achieved ( sometime ago )




x15 whips

x53 d boots

x3 visages

x88 g mauls


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Its totally random, there are no drop rates. For instance it took me 6k tokens to get from bronze to rune. It might take some people only 1k or some might be really unlucky and use 10k.








kuch, everything has an avarge... nothing is totally random....








ie: I think it's the rate is something like every monster has an x chance to drop a rune defender...








This means that on avarage you need to 1/x monsters to get a defender..








now if anybody does a small test (about 1000 defenders if you want to have some accuracy) - you can get X - and from that you can count the time....








SO IT DOES HAVE AN AVARAGE TIME (like everything!)

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done this recently, so its fresh in my memory.




took me 2.8k tokens to get from bronze to rune, but it took 1k worth just to get a bronze








i was also advised not to wear a ring of wealth untill mith, have no idea if this helped- but anything is worth trying once

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It took me 7k tokens to get from bronze to rune.


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Took me 780 from bronze to rune :ohnoes: (yes, I kept track). However, the second rune one took 2.5k, and the third 500. I'd say totally random <.<








Didn't use ring of wealth, either.


Drops: 1x Draconic Visage, 56x Abyssal Whip, 5x Demon Head, D Drops: 37, Barrows Drops: 43, DK Drops: 29

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I got from bronze to my 4 rune defenders in less than 3k tokens. I did wear a RoW and left the room as soon as i got the next lvl defender.








Just because you are unable to sell an item to shops or another player does not mean it has no value. For instance the gloves from the RFD quest cannot be sold or traded - the way we found oyt the value of those was to high alch a set of each. However in the case of the Rune defender there is no gp value. (I now have 1 defender less than when I started this reply :wink: )








However despite having no GP value they do have a notional value - after all most people are in there killing the monsters hoping to get the defender drops. I do think the RoW (or Ring of Disappointment as I refer to it) improves your chances of getting a defender drop. I used just over 1k of tokens to get my bronze - but I was not wearing a RoW then - once I went in wearing one I seemed to get the defender drops fairly often.


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ALL of you people realise....








That in order for the next defender to be dropped once you get one...















Anyways...it is random ring of wealth DOES HELP and super sets allow you to breeze through the kills...








took me 900ish tokens btw

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Whip Drops: (42!!!) Dragon Drops: (90+!!!!!) 2 D CHAINS!, 3 D Axe, 8 D meds, 7 left halfs, 7 D legs, 6 skirts, 8 Spears[/hide]

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Don't ask me, here is how my experience went:








500 to get bronez




300 to get iron




got the rest within the next 100 TOTAL




went for second rune, got it on first kill




went for third rune, used 300 tokens without it.

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