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SOTW #1: Freestyle


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the first vote goes to..... magictv!!! :thumbsup:




second to k4d4




third to runemetsa (kal)








looks great guys all of them but magictv made 1 that looks just a little better in my eyes :wink:








edit: sry for posting only for the first place :wall:

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Are the signature makers aloud to vote too?




1st: Remoteman.




2nd: Runemetsa.




3rd: Sue_Kitsu.



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- Votes: First to 7 votes




According to my count MagicTV alrdy has 11...




and if you want second and third it'd be








1st: MagicTv (11)




2nd: Runemetsa (7)




3rd: Brad25891 (5)








(those aren't my votes those are just the current scores)








so i don't know if it's done or is voting just going to keep going through sun/mon?








and if it's not over here are my votes...








1st: Sue_Kitsu




2nd: Remoteman




3rd: Runemetsa








(and now remoteman and sue_kitsu are in a 3way tie for 3rd with brad :D)
















Just realized you changed voting from fri-sun so you might as well remove the




- Votes: First to 7 votes




Under information because it's irrelevant if there is just a time frame for voting :wink:

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