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Where Do You Mine? [F2P. & P2P]


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Mine's the Al Kharid Mines. Also known as the "Scorpion Pit"




It keeps some autoers out, and its close to a furnace, and a bank!








Although the Dwarven Mines are decent I guess its just not close enough to a furnace, In comparison....

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For F2P: If I'm mining coal I use the guild all the time, in fact: it's the same for P2P:








If I'm mining iron, I prefer to be on P2P, because there are a lot of iron mines which are usually empty on most worlds. My favourite spot would have to be the collection of iron rocks in between Yanille and Port Khazard.










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dwarven mines 8-)

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Mining Guild


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Mining guild for coal




Varrock east for iron












Keldagrim mines for gold (You have to do "Between a rock"-quest)




Heroes guild for rune




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Well since i'm f2p..








For money: Iron/Addy/Mith in Dwarven mines and Coal in guild.




For levels: Iron in Chasm mine. (Al kharid mine.)

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hmm mining guild for my coal and well iron or mithril i get from monster drop =).. if i have to mine iron/Mithril then dwarf mines sigh.. pretty far from bank




Al karid is very far from bank at least that what i think wouldn't suggest mining over there at all

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I'm p2p












-South of piscoras fishing colony No one ever there, closet iron mine to a bank












gild, trucks












wilderness hobgoblin mine


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I'm F2P, so whenever I want to power mine I'll go to rimmington for iron ore and run to the rimmington general store to sell the iron and run back to my spot in usually 10 seconds.

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