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I'm Back on the Gallery (new pictures included)


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The first picture looks pretty cool


[spoiler=My 99s (7)]9,638th to 99 Fletching ~ 29th January 2007

737th to 99 Hunter ~ 2nd July 2007

910th to 99 Agility ~ 28th January 2008

59,467th to 99 Defence ~ 23rd December 2009

92,762nd to 99 Hitpoints ~ 26th June 2010

102,704th to 99 Attack ~ 29th June 2010

144,091st to 99 Strength ~ 29th June 2010


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Welcome back, I'll edit this post with critiques when I'm back from golf. I'm gonna be on for about 4pm BST. I'm trying to get a 400mm F 5.6 lens from ebay at that time. They all look very good though. I'll tell you how you could have made the snow photos better when I edit.






The first one is fantastic. It was a split second shot, prefect timing on your part. Flawless


The second one:Another excellent shot. The subject is nicely lit but could have been improved by removing the edge of the leaf below it either physically or digitally. I'm being really picky here as there is little to improve. It's strikingly similar to one of your other ones from a while back though. Try to step out your comfort zone for some new and exciting photo opportunities.


The third one is pretty good, but it could be improved by using a quicker shutter speed as the highlights in the clouds have been burnt out. Straightening the image to divide it into three equal parts - water, trees and sky. This would work for this shot. I just don't really find the composition is working here.


The fourth one needs a faster shutter speed or the sky to be cropped out. A wider aperture could have made the main tree stand out from the other trees, but you would have needed a faster shutter speed to keep the same exposure. Definately avoid overexposed skies.


The fifth is your signature flower shot. I can't say anything else to that.


The sixth is snow I think, you should have used a slower shutter speed to stop the camera recording it as a dull grey, but I like the misty, dramatic feel to the shot.


The critique for the seventh is basically the same as the sixth.


The eighth needs a more flattering composition. The building needs to be seen from an angle rather straight on. It's just too boring straight on. Try the rule of thirds for dividing the sky, subject and the foreground.


The burnt out clouds in the ninth works and the strong blue sky is fantastic. Try cloning out that tree in the left hand corner though? I like the feel of movement in this shot. I take it's been manipulated?


The tenth is a nice shot, but it's got too much in it I think, the knee (I think) at the right hand side of the shot is slightly distracting so I think it should be removed. A more sympathetic crop would have been beneficial to include the whole hand.




I hope that helped. I think critisism is more helpful than just saying they're all good. That's why I did this, not because I don't like them. They are all good, but could be improved.

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welcome back ::' i do recognise the White sands national monument pictures and i realy like them :) an i do still remember you because i have a few photomanpis of you somewhere on my pc.. :-k




But hey, welcome back and nice photo's :)

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Thanks for the comments guys :D






Thanks for the critiques :D


I know what your saying about the third one, its not really one of my favorites and actually I didn't even mean to post it #-o


Do you think the sunny sixteen rule would have helped on the fourth shot?


The sixth and seventh ones are actually sand :XD:


I agree with you on the sixth one, it could have been shot better, but I do like the feel it gives.


The seventh was shot in black and white, so it was supposed to look like that.


On the 9th one, actually the only manipulation was burning everything to give it that look, I shot it at a slower shutter speed to get that sense of movement.


I never noticed the knee on the tenth one, but now that you mention it, it is distracting isn't it.


Again thanks for the critiques, and yes good critisism is always better then just saying their all good.






Off course I remember you WeeBoab :wink:






Ya thats thermite alright <3: . Science club always has its benefits \:D/






Haha yup its White Sands.




Again thanks everyone for the comments, even the people I didn't mention above.



-All sigs by me.

[My Gallery]

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Do you think the sunny sixteen rule would have helped on the fourth shot?



I didn't know anything about this rule, I've looked into it but I'm not sure about what it means. I take its an exposure rule for selecting aperture and shutter speed with regards to the sensitivity of the film or the CCD? I'm not too sure on this one, if you could explain it to me I'd really appreciate it. I normally just meter it with my camera and then set it into manual and set the shutter speed to roughly the same speed and keep the aperture or change the aperture for a creative shutter speed. I always try to review my photos after I've taken it and if I've made a big mistake with the exposure then I redo it. Exposure compensation is great when your shooting where you can't afford to make mistakes. If I have no time to change the exposure I'll crank up the ISO to 400-800 and set the aperture to about F/8.0 so that way, I'll get my photo exposed fairly well and a fair amount of the shot in focus. What is it you're shooting with? If I remember correctly, you used to use a film camera for a while.




Off-topic: Do you want your photos removed from my gallery, I added them and sent a private message to you asking if it was okay for your photos to be shown but you obviously weren't on the forums. The site gets almost zero traffic (exept for a few spam bots advertising viagra :shock: ) So if you want your photos removed just say so and they'll be gone.

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Sunny 16 rule is setting the f/stop to f/16 on a sunny day and setting the shutter speed to what ever you have the ISO at, so for example say your ISO is 100, youd set your shutter speed to 1/100, and so on.




Ya I got a new camera, its not an SLR but its not bad, its Fujifilm Finepix s5200, and you can still manually select everything you can on an SLR, you just cant switch lenses, and occasionally I still use the old film camera when I want the SLR feel.




About the pictures on your website, I don't really mind if they are on there or not, so ya...



-All sigs by me.

[My Gallery]

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