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~~~~~~Goal To 99 Smithing~~~~~~ 97 ACHIEVED!!

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Thanks to everyone, and your welcome piman.




Every skill can be done the inexpensive way, but its called efficeiency. If I can make more money another way in the time it takes me to make the money from iron ores getting 99 smithing, then it is more efficicent to do it that way and pay for 99 smithing.

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Oooh gratz on 95 \' Good luck on 96 and beyond <3:




Love ur Smithing, shame my name does not reflect your level :P :wall:




good luck on your future goals :thumbsup:

Sn'C Events Team Member



942nd to 99 hunter 2/8/07|26,042nd to reach 99 fletching 27/10/07|Quest Cape Achieved 22/1/08|50,000th to 99 Cooking 29/10/08

Dagannoth King Drops: 7 Zerkers 2 Axes 3 Warriors | Armadyl: 1 hilt first ever trip and kill | Barrows: 2 Dharok Legs 1 Ahrim Skirt 1 Torag Helm 1 Guthan Spear

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I'm not racing with Master Smither. Yes, I do it slower because I have a life outside of runescape and something rare called self control. Trust me I won't regret getting 99 smithing in video game faster than someone. I get 45k xp per hour and he gets 12k xp per hour and he is still faster. It doesn't take much skill to sit on a chair and click and wait.




Anyways, thanks, I guess....

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