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Hey people, I'm ferg, I have been playing runescape for a bout a year and a half now...i like it too much :oops:












Anyways, what i love to do is fish on world 83 at the guild with all my friends.








I also like portal PKin and barrows.












Sadly i don't have any TIP.IT friends so feel free to HYT me.












My Character is lvl 97 combat with a 1495 total if anyone is wondering, so thanks, ths is me \'

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Hey, I'm Fincheh (usually Finchy, but the name on both Runescape and this forum was mysteriously taken -.- ) to hopefully find out a bit more about RuneScape. I haven't played it for long, but I'm a level 43 who prefers melee, but I'm fairly nimble as a mage too. I'm 13 years old and come from Southern England and hope to stay fairly active on here.








Thanks ::'

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My name is Celidah. I'm a F2P level 57. Been playing since Fall 2005. Better melee-er than a mage, and a terrible ranger. If you're curious as to why I don't have a higher level after so long, there are two very simple reasons:








1. Real life.




2. Easily distracted. :-w








Back to the shadows now.









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Hello all my name is DanCool 938 (999 on forums :D ) my main (DanCool938) got hacked and banned Lv 80 the day hunter came out :cry: Anyway I made a new account (DanCool 938) and level uped so fast to 62 Combat! :D Im trying to reach my old skillz and already passed my old account in wc and rc... :mrgreen: I have been playing since Feb 06

Quest Cape Since 8/9/07



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hi tip.it, names Air booth333 but on tif its fr0z3n_1n_h3ll. i have been playing runescape for roughly a year but dont think i have very good stats for it. i have been browsing tif for a fair while now on another account that i didnt even post on so i decided i wanted to talk and that and that accounts name i didnt like. so yea thats about it.








btw hope you all had a meery christmas.

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lol hi im end of end1 in runescape and in tip.it lol i love making sigs.im a f2p lol and lol truly i am scared of the wild not that its creepy its cus ppl are killing me lol when i was a littel end of end1(when i got from training iland)i was tricked and murderd!!!!!! :evil: lol i hate combat in the wild lol my homecity in runescape is al'khard and my home world is world 16(cus u can get rich,lol 2k in 1 min) lol u will mostly find me in my home city cus im making up to me for geting good crafting or at crafting guild

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I just joined 3 months ago my username is darknerdy666(plz dont pm mejust to annoy me) my favorite skill is maging and im lvl45,I used to have another one named krusher363 but I gave it to my friend and then he sold it,oh and on halloween I throw eggs at peoples houses ^_^




I lvl up pretty fast from lvl3 to 40 I leved up my friends account so he would buy me a nice juicy whopper hmmm...I gotta go buy a burger that whopper talk got me hungry.

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I'm Mackenzie14, i joined tip.it about 2 years ago. I'm f2p with 1310 total. Bye.

581st to Cooking 99 [June 2005]-------------71537th to Hitpoints 99 [December 2009]

233rd to Firemaking 99 [February 2006]----65875th to Defence 99 [February 2010]

822nd to Woodcutting 99 [March 2006]------95249th to Attack 99 [April 2010]

576th to Fishing 99 [september 2006]-------14016th to Crafting 99 [January 2011]

83541st to Strength 99 [May 2009]----------124340th to Magic 99 [June 2011]

23885th to Smithing 99 [september 2011]--XXXXXXth to Ranged 99 [October 2012]


F2p forever ...

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Hello, My name is Bratski and i just joined the forums this morning. I Have been playing Runescape for almost 2 years now. One of my favorite things to do is wood cutting with my younger sister when shes online (we live 1000 miles apart so a good way to keep in touch too!)

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Hi, my RuneScape name is Cute_Foosa. I prefer to be called Tiger or TigerTail, but one was taken and the other wasn't allowed. I am very sad about that :-(. If you call me Foosa, I probably will not respond, so call me Tiger please ^.^




I am a level 3 Skiller ingame [f2p for life!] I have only been playing RS for around 8 months. My private chat is always on "on", unless I am playing tag or something ;-P. Pm me sometime! I always enjoy meeting new people that don't treat me different because of a crown. I do not think I'm better than other people, but I will be honest, even if it hurts. I despise when people get attitude with me for doing my job.




I enjoy firemaking and cooking, but it gets boring alone :-(




I love hanging out with my brother, even when I'm sitting 3 feet away from him IRL.




I'm trying to get 99 crafting, but I'm a long ways away, so help is always accepted [may I cut your gems please?]

Call Me Tiger ^.^

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'Ello Tip.It Community! My ingame name is Orian152, but just call me Orian... I like to write, as some of you may notice, but I like playing Runescape more, so writing doesn't come out of me that often since that would take away my game time. I started playing RS way back during classic, but then when we moved to RS2, I kinda made a new account... I think I've come a long way through all that time, and nowadays I'm always training for a quest, stocking up on food, or making potions for friends with low herblore, even while I'm doing such things as trying to improve my White Knight Rank. My private chat is always 'on' unless I'm in the Wildy, Merchanthing, or in a hectic part of a quest. So, message me sometime, and if you need some help with something, don't hesitate to ask.

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hiya im whitedwarf to tip.it'ers and my accs are whitedwarf99 (members main) and mag34eva3 (f2p mage pure in training).








chat is always on so feel free to chat if you want to and im also a member of the ruling council of the clan runescape cavaliers.








merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone.



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hey i'm dtownboy! (i regret this name now, i was in my o-g phase lolz!)








been playing off and on for 3 yrs...




my skillz dont show for it tho :D








just joined p2p and its cool!








anyways! always find me on w991





Brawl Code: 1633-9644-2679 (always up for a battle! PM me.)

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I'm new to Rune Tips, and I'm having a great time so far. Everybodys so very helpful, and nice. On RuneScape, I have a level 116 - and I've just achieved lvl 97 attack today, and 99 strengh a couple days ago. Well, I'm looking forward to having a good time on the forums, and I'm looking forward to meeting nice, and mature people on the forums.








Warm Regards,













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Ehh.. Hello i am Riddance, Zero Demon 0 in Runescape. Im a level 57 and i've been playing runescape for over 2 years. My range is my highest combact. Here are my stats:




Name: Zero_Demon_0




Combact: 57




Mage: 51












Attack: 40
















Streght: 37
















RunesCrafting: 16








Wood Cutting:64
































Total Level:850








I ussally get on runescape now to help out noobs. I am not a non-member, and I would like to just hang out with some people on runescape, or go train. But considering runescape theses days, i am out of luck.



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