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All of my sigs from 20/04/07


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These are some of the sigs that i have made using a program called Photo Pos Pro... I couldn't afford photoshop :oops:


My website is called wwetime and im making some sub sites...




















I'll make some more...


Pto6's Ultimate Blog!

Any of those pics will take you to my blog.

If you wanna ask me a question PM me on here or on RS.


<!-- m -->http://youtube.com/godofwar3999<!-- m -->

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Sorry, but I would hafta say that those need more work.


Theres a free program called GIMP, and many say that it's like a mini-photoshop. I've seen many VERY good things that people have made with it, so I'm guessing that it IS good. Google "gimp", and download it.


[Potatoed0] --> [Combat 63] --> [WCing 51] --> [FMing 40]

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The two main things that are wrong on them is that there are still white pixels on the edges of the render witch could be from not having enough tolerance on your magic want tool. Also the render do not go with the background at all, you should try and make the background incorporate some of the colors from the render. Don't forget you can change your saturation since some of those colors are a bit too bright.

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