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Why doesn't anyone ever play with private chat on?


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I used to do that, because everytime I went to F2P worlds, about 10 people added me...


And it can be quite annoying when you get PM's like: "Can you help me doing shield of arrav quest?" or "Can you make me full rune?" or "Do you want to buy my addy sq?" :mrgreen:


Lol I'm bad :XD:

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Friends, because:




- Random people pm me


- Topics on the official forums I closed hours ago are still a reason to pm me apparantly


- When DK'ing I don't want lurers to pay me a visit




On, if:




- I am using the official forums




Off, if:




- I'm in world 2


- In an antisocial mood


2146 overall - 136 combat - 6 skillcapes


Plus I think the whole teenage girl thing will end soon (hopefully), because my girlfriend is absolutely in love with him(she is 18), and im beginning to feel threatened by his [Justin Bieber] dashing looks.

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When you get into the upper levels you have too. If you leave it on you get 10 pms like every 30 seconds.




Exactly. I'd love to have it on, but I get so many random pms and sometimes I just don't want to be disturbed, especially when i'm gilded-altering my dragon bones in my house and I have limited time to use them on the altar.




Plus most of my friends don't talk to me or just quit without even telling me, so I end up deleting most friends and keep friends i've known for years or people that are like me.





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When going from 109 combat to 110 combat I've turned mine on friends, and kept it that way... I noticed a huge difference in random pm's you get when you get in the 110's. When visiting Lumbridge/Varrock in a busy server, I'm guaranteed to get 1-5 random PM's. It's irritating.




I don't see the use of having private chat on. I'm not interested in meeting new people through PM's... whenever I meet someone nice that's worth talking to, I simply add him.




There's no use for private chat on imo, it only has bad effects.




I mostly add the interesting people on MSN though... Runescape in-game chat is just messed up with the chatfilter, can't speak normally in my language.

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I leave mine on all the time. takes me 1/2 a second to ignore someone (right click, ignore)




Doesn't hurt to talk though. Isn't too bad. Then again i appreciate that i don't get as many pms as maybe somebody over 110.




Friend of mine is 113 and going cw's with her is hard. lots of fans.

And if you do all you can, that's all you can ever do. - Warren Rudman


But men are men; the best sometimes forget. - William Shakespeare


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Are you kidding me? You don't know why?




I turn mine on and I have about 5 morons PMing me with cape emote requests or asking for free stuff. Some people are nice but then they never ever stop talking to you. I add these kind of people to ignore, put priv to friends and leave it for a few days. Set it back to on and then it happens all over again.




I just gave up. I love it when nice people add me who don't want something from me, don't get me wrong. There just aren't many people out there like that unfortunately :|

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I used to have private chat on at all times....till a skill named farming came along.

First to 99 Farming on 27. September, 2005.

First to 3766 Port Score on 20. March, 2014.

First to 4664 Port Score on 2. March, 2015.

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I keep mines off because I like not getting pms




Why? It's a horrible way to chat. Like sometimes I click the wrong friend sometimes. Sometimes I don't know or don't remember them.








Off Topic:When is Andrew releasing this all so great clan thingy?

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Phr33 st00f pl0x...




'Nuff said there.




Mines usually on friends so i can talk to my clanmates or friends.




Why would i want "Phr33 st00f pl0x" all the time in my chat?

Welcome to the internet! Honestly, for every sensable person, there are 5 jerks, 10 1337 speakers, 5 noobs, and 5 lazy scammers. If this is your first one, you're lucky. Kindness is dead in runescape, or very close to it.
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I mainly keep mine off because




1) I only talk to friends/People i know




2) With a username that has "limewire" in you get alot of jagex staff impersonaters (sp?) which *beep* me off.

Quest cape got at 25th july 2007! Did grim tales and mouring end 2 to get same day!

99/99 strength got at 30th september 2007

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You gotta turn off Private chat whenever you're PCing. Otherwise you leak worlds. I usually forget to turn it back on :lol:


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a lot of spamming me, check my sig for details about the I love you person. Turned it on because I was waiting for a friend to pm me with his pure, i didn't add him because my name is easier to just pm and click add friend.




Also parents get mad, i used to turn it off when they come, now i keep it on friends,


Doing a little bit of everything

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i usually leave mine to friends but every now and then change it to on. The onlly problem when its on 'on' i get millions of pms saying "z0mg i s4w y0ur v1d on u toobe, teech me 2 dk pl0x"

Dagannoth Slayer



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My chat is normally set to ON, if it's not ON it's OFF because i'm not in the mood to talk - which isn't very often cause i talk ALOT, i don't think i've had my chat set to FRIENDS for like a month. :-$ And I don't think i've EVER had any trouble with people adding me :-$


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I guess I'm not famous enough to be bothered having it On. I don't find a problem having it on.




Now if I were high ranked in the highscores or were a pmod, I'd probably have it set to friends due to the constant spam :P



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