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What's the story behind your RS name?

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Atom Smash40
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Atom Smash40

    Demon Vanquisher

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  • RSN:Atom Smash40
  • RSN2:Gorgeous War
when I first started. there was a show called dexters lab. and in one episode he wanted an atom smasher. I tried that name. no luck. so I chose the first one with numbers (atom smash40)

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~ 173,480th to 99 Herblore on June 21, 2019 ~

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Kirby: Name of a TV show I liked, and a vid game character

Kirby was taken

So was Mr kirby, and mega kirby

So Mrmegakirby was born \<img src=/' />

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    Unicorn Horn

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Mine Runescape name is just completely random. It popped into my head and I thought it sounded kinda funky. :<img src=:' />

After searching it into Google a few months later; I found out that it was a place in Haiti. Weird. :?

- Rem. ;)
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    Hobgoblin Killer

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Last year, I used to watch wrestling(don't anymore), and a wrestler that I thought was cool was X Pac, also known as 123 Kid. I tried 123 Kid, taken, X Pac taken. So I combined the two, and it wasn't taken. On my other account, Syn Returns, I chose that because another account called Syn Shadow1 was banned and I decided to remake him, thus the Returns. The Syn part is after a guitarist Synster Gates.
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    Bear Fur

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The snipers from the MGS series, The End and Sniper wolf. The wolf sounds to cliche so I thought Sniper end but it did not sound good then I thought "wait... how about snipers end... like a countersniper" and bam in every online game I have played I have been snipers end
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    Dragon Slayer

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My brother, his friend, his friend's broth, and I (a group of four people) all wanted to play Runescape together. So we decided to make our names something that people might be called in the RS realm. That's where I got Zierro. I thought it just fits well with the theme of the game. \<img src=/' />

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    Bear Fur

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  • RSN:onuasdad
pretty interesting story, actaully. I'm glad I got this name!!

Onua's dad.

Onua is a toa in bionicle(a hero). I loved bionicle when I was little, and the name just stuck.

Nowadays, most people think its meant

On u as dad

I can tell that a LOT of rs players once knowed about bionicle, because here are soem things ppl call me, instead on onausdad:




however, people get teh point quickly, as nobody ever called me onuasd.

maybe some people who get the point at both ways and jsut wanna talk to me quickly jsut call me onuas. it can be onua's or on u as.

well, long story. rofl
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