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What is your internet homepage?


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I 'spose I'll start by apologising if this topic has already been made but due to my lack of consideration and overall laziness checking through all the pages that came up as a result for this seemed too much of a daunting task for me.




Well I was just curious as to what everyone's internet homepage is? What do you like to see when you first click on that link to the net? Immediate infomation on current affairs? A chance to search something on 1 of the many search engines? Yep, that sounds good to me therefore my homepage has to be Google :wink:




Oh ye please don't post sites that promote viruses/macroes/malicious pointless software cos we all know that curious people *cough* idiots *cough* will just try them out and end up sulking...




~Bbal :-w

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Well, the page I get taken to when I press home is opera.com, i think.


But I don't consider that my home page, as that's not what opens whenever I start a new window / tab.


Continue from last session ftw.

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