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rs name = rs special skill


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I'd be good at prayer (actually lvl 50) and at fishing (actually lvl 57)




I don't really keep to my name lol :D



40 Barrows trips, 4 Barrows equipment (Guthans Helm, Veracs Helm, Ahrims Skirt, Dharoks Helm)

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limewire54... :roll:




im good at cooking then, or making wires....

Quest cape got at 25th july 2007! Did grim tales and mouring end 2 to get same day!

99/99 strength got at 30th september 2007

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I would be a ghost sitting on a horse chopping heads of people with my sword because I'm a mighty knight





99 ranged | 99 magic | 99 defence | 99 hitpoints

Remember, it's just a game

Feel free to add me on RS. :) Always ready for a chat.

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i would be a jimbob............. omg what is that



180th to 99 Divination + 1st W36er


Rambo, cannot pk call your friends bro :). Wait nevermind none of SAPK/PKS can. Kappa.

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Magma Surge: Well first of all i automatically get the fire cape! Also i have a spell that calls down a taurrent of magma to fall from the sky and smote my enimy in any place at any time! I knew my name would come in handy!






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hmm... Itstruikou... I'm pretty sure I'd be the ultimate pker.




Its Tru I KO U

Pirate Rosetta stone. Learn a language while you scape.

Sounds interesting, but these days how many people really speak Pirate?

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