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Lumby bug earlier today, fixed recently

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Near the spinning wheel in the lumbridge castle, a chest related to the quest "Lost Tribe" has been glitched and replaced with a chest under the observatory. It has been fixed a few hours earlier today.




Basically, the 'real' chest had these details (For after finishing "Lost Tribe")


Examine: Has the letter 'S' on the lock.


Try to open: 'You already found the H.A.M. robes inside.'


(Or something similar to those)




When it was glitched and replaced:


Examine: I wonder whats inside?


Try to open: 'You search the chest and find a poisonous spider inside!' Then, a poison spider (level 31) appears out of the chest, and attacks whomever opened the chest!


(Again, its something similar. My memory sucks)




Note how the 'glitched and replaced' chest has the same details of the chests under the observatory, which contains level 31 poison spiders!




I didn't take any screenshots, I thought this was normal as I never tried to open the chest again after the quest. But I questioned why the examine was changed from 'Has the letter 'S' on the lock' to the generic 'I wonder whats inside?'. But believe me, this was, infact, earlier today. I remember annoying flax spinners by searching the chest and running.




I don't know how long this glitch has been in effect, but it has been fixed today (May 12th 2007). I saw others opening the chest to bring out spiders, too. Only one spider came out at a time.




If any others experienced this, please post here.




EDIT: Fixed spelling mistakes stating they were level 21, they're 31.


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Lol, great glitch, I wonder how these things happen. Pity theres a bank right above it so you can get antis.

~ W ~



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will i love your sig

How does 20 minutes turn into 2.5 hours? Was your math perhaps magical math?


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Wow. Now that's a real glitch!


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