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Addicts Have No Life??


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Could I get a checklist?




I have very good friends, even though most have gone off to college and I have not.




I tend to go outside and play road hockey with neighborhood kids once in a while. I would do it more often if I didn't have knee problems...

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I stay inside to hide from the gangs, drugs, emos and lawyers.




That is all in vain, everyone knows Emo's are everywhere.. :wall:






do you have a problem with emos if so :evil:






Well let me guess being the best keyboard in player in first year geting an A+ Grade in geography and music having an active social life being bullied numerous times




erm i dunno is that considered a life or a boast (apart from the bullieing)



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Guys stop being so defensive here.. NOBODY is accusing you of not having a life so stop defending yourself with "i have gf, i am top soccer player in class blah blah blah" like anyone cares anyway. There is no way to determine whether you are lying or not as well. No point in this.








I would rather listen to someone talk about how they play nonstop than 20 people talk about how they're the #1 in everything they do and they have a girlfriend made of solid gold.




By the way I'm the top xylophone player in the country, I ran sprints in the last summer olympics and I have three girlfriends. So yeah, I do have a life.

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ok...i definetaly have a life, in high school, play football and golf, straight a's, hang out with friends all the time, and part of the reason i dont do drugs is bcuz of RS i think.




Another interesting experience that i think everyone should keep in mind, is would you be doing something more productive without RS?




i went a few weeks without a computer and my answer is no...i sat around the house, bored, and played guitar heroe a little. We play runescape because it's fun and we would rather spend our time playing it, than doing other activities that we would do instead.




Thats all i have to sayyyy

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Our soccer team got into the Division A Tournament and we ranked 2nd out of 12 Teams. 3 Goals by me .. :)


I play RS in my spare time .. Never avoided a party or friends for RS.




Yes.. I don't get as much of sleep as I used too because of RS.


My grades aren't really high now like they were but ther usually 85-95 now.




So, I'm not really an addict ..


My lvl 90 and lvl 48, c1oud and waf1le, hacked, lost about 28 mil overall .



A Man Died - 100% F2P -Skiller/Pure Ranger

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Yes, think i do.




I play rs on the weekdays only when i have no school, or about twice a year. I run track, and crosscountry, play soccer, etc...meh. Yeah.




School-wise...one of the top ranked schools in my state, extremely hard academically and physically. That sort of stuff.

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I play ultimate frisbee, wrestle, play football, have a great group of friends I hang out after school all the time, am hosting a party tomorow night :D , and managed to quit RS, I'm a A/B student depending on the class, and proudly have a life :!:

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i have a life. people that don't play rs in my life don't know that i play rs. i like to be able to fit in with everyone except the mentally challenged or the emo's, no offense to those, but they tend to scare the bejesus out of me.



Currently will be using my Oni Tsurugi account to attempt to get 99 on all free skills without spending any gp, just for the sake of doing so.

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Im not the most social person, but i certainly dont put runescape before the real world. I cant sit here and brag about playing sport because im not built for athletics(not to fat, just really short legs), nor can i brag of having a girlfriend <.< (work in progress), but considering i got into college at 16 and have excelled ever since, as well as having held a steady job for eight months now and at seventeen i have an assistent and am trusted enough by my employeer to teach a computer basics course for the elderly, i like to think i have a life.



Some people are like slinkies, normally they are dull, but they always give you a smile

when you push them down a flight of stairs.

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Define 'having a life'




A valid point. There are high level players, that are good in school, have friends, jobs, relationships, so on.




Where as I know a lower level player who actually doesn't have a life. He gets up, not necessarily in the morning, 'cuz he was up all night playing Runescape. He does not want to do anything off RS. Won't go out to eat with his family, friends, and has to be forced off the take a shower.




How's that for a defenition? Or a start at least?


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Ermm i play trumpet/euphonium!


No way! I play euphonium too! <3: Or did before I started uni, I'll take it up again when I graduate.




I live in a student house so we pretty much have to have a life. We go out drinking regularly, go play snooker down at the local pool club, kick a football around outside in the summer, and most of the people in my house play a musical instrument or two ^^ *looks at guitar with pride*






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Does anyone else find it funny that most of the people on this thread seem to have a feeling that they're "above" Runescape players, even though they play themselves?




Eh, that's the vibe I'm getting from a great deal of the posts on this thread :-k .

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by drawing an array, copy and paste this into your signature.]


Fullmetal Alchemist, you will be missed. A great ending to a great series.

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Well i'm not gonna start lieing about being the best footballer in my class or whatever like most of these have. I'm reasonably sporty. I prefer man v man games like tennis and badminton then also enjoy rock climbing, trampolining and ANY water sports.




I do have a social life but I don't like going out when there is nothing to do. I'd much rather play RS than sit outside blockbusters (Which is what we usually end up doing) I admit i do go on the computer too much and my grades have greatly suffered from it.




I put the least important thing first and i've always realised that but never stopped myself, strange i know. But i still wouldn't call myself addicted. I just hate revision/homework because it's boring and i don't enjoy it. I think first about what's fun and what i'd like to do and not what will get me somewhere.








that was almost like hearing my life story, apart from the rock climbing and the water sports.

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Having a life is rather subjective. My highschool friends are all gamers and usually when we gather at our regular hang-out, we end up playing Magic: The Gathering or Smash Bros., which I'm terrible at both and get extremely bored, extremely quickly. If I'm bored or not enjoying myself, then I don't see the point of hanging out with them especially if all they do is game anyways.




My university friends and I are all now working and it's difficult to get together to hang-out. Some of them are married or do not drive so again, difficult to get together.




I'd rather go out and paintball or spend the day go-carting or biking in the nearby valley. If I'm going to be gaming, I'd rather game on something that I know I'll enjoy myself. Plus, RS acts as a giant chat room that I can swap "war stories" with my fellow 'Scapers.




I'm an electronics engineer by training, software developer (junior level) by profession and I build my own electronic gadgetry in the basement. Staying in the house and doing your own thing doesn't mean you don't have a life, it just means you have different interests.



Knowledge is Power; a Tip.it guide answers many commonly asked questions.

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I'd defend myself but I simply lost interest in the game, so I can feel confident about myself and my life without defending myself to people I'll most likely never meet. Those people who have posted here explaining their lives are either lying to make themselves feel better about their lives or they are telling the truth, which wasn't the point of this thread.




The author of this thread is asking if you're an addict or not. No need to defend yourself, no one in accussing you of being an addict or not. And this isn't a discussion about Emos(even though I hate them too...).




It seems like ever since I quit RS and stopped posting here(frequently) the amount of flamming and people accussing others have skyrocketed. Why can't we just stay on topic and be kind to each other?




And with that I am done posting.



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Depends what you mean by having no life...


I do have a life though...


Those no lifers don't really since they call themselves no lifers xD


I admit I'm addicted to RuneScape somewhat, but most of the time I'm pretty bored of it. I have no idea why I keep on playing it, but I guess that's addiction.

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