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Have YOU ever predicted an update?

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Well I predicted all the graphical updates

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I guessed corectly that the achivment diary would have killing a metal dragon and geting 100% favor in jungle clean up as a task.

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1 GU3553D 7H4T 7H3R3 W00LD B3 4N 335T3R H0L1D4Y 3V3NT. Z0MFG 0WN3D N00B5 Y00Z L1K3 G07 4N 1Q OF 22 4ND UND3R!

Sorry, I have leetspeakosis. I use leet from time to time. The doctors say I was born with it. :P

Anyways, I guessed that Barbarian Assault would be in the Barbarian Outpost. Barbarian Village didn't look like a good place for a minigame...

Also, I guessed that JaGex's April Fools' Joke was actually an April Fools' Joke. A lot of people were actually fooled. There were also a lot of idiots selling Robin Hood Hats for 30mil and selling them in the Discontinued Forums because JaGex said "Hold onto your Robin Hood Hats". It was supposed to be the saying-Hold onto your hats.
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