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Weirdest place you've ever seen an imp?


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8-) We'll if I happen to see an imp, there will be bones within a few seconds! ::'




i dont think imps drop bones.




On topic:




I've seen some inside heroes guild lol. and I saw one in that place with the bear inside that little house.

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Nature rune isles in f2p wildy...




this may sound dumb... but i never seen a imp in the wilderness once...


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i dont play anymore... i think rs is ruined

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Guest ShadowClawe

Yeah, I've seen a few behind the bank booth where the bankers stand. lol!


But the weirdest place I've seen one is between four iron rocks that made a square, an imp teleported there. Lol Lol!

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In the Crandor Isle shipwreck.

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Hehe, this is like Jagex telling half of Runescape players that they're [developmentally delayed]. Sort of. That's how I interpreted it. :P


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In the chefs guild.




That's what they're doing with all those chefs hats.




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For me it would have to be the inside of a bank where the bankers stand :shock:




Post away.


hey i saw that too,i even got a screen of it \' did you see the imp in edgy,cuz thats wehre i saw it.

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During the Christmas event two years ago when the imps (you had to strangle them) were getting stuck in the wall between falador and taverly.




I don't remember strangling imps in 2005

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