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~Team/Clan War Arena~ (Broadswords?) Well thought out!


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Yes! Ive been looking for your thread! The clan housing system was an amazing idea and I'd love to go into more detail with it. If thats okay with you, I could add what you have so far? My plans included the portal to the clan housing system you designed would be located in the Waiting room for the clan war arena.

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Yes! Ive been looking for your thread! The clan housing system was an amazing idea and I'd love to go into more detail with it. If thats okay with you, I could add what you have so far? My plans included the portal to the clan housing system you designed would be located in the Waiting room for the clan war arena.


perhaps you could link to my topic and for clan dueling ill linkto yours =)




ill help you with the clan dueling thing aswell

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Great Suggestion :thumbsup:, I was thinking about that one for a long time and thought it would be a brilliant idea.


I would also love a team dueling option in the duel arena. Imagine going into the arena with your pals and your newly acquired weapons etc. and battling to the death without fear of loosing items etc. it would be pretty cool!




All of this would be a NICE feature to RuneScape keep it up \'




I hope a Jagex staff member will stumble upon your thread ::'







RIP Michaelangelopolous

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~Sin's Official Clan Guide~




Let me open with saying I made this thread with many different ideas for clan in mind. I'm not sure if you would consider it suggesting, but it is simply the way I would change Runescape if I could. MODERATORS: If there are any problems with this thread, please let me know so I may change it. I worked very hard on it and would rather have it changed then deleted.




Side note: I just saw "chewchewbarz" thread, lol, and our ideas are extremely similar. I honestly did not see this until just now, so there's not much for me to say except this thread and that are in no way related, simply different ideas about clans in Runescape.










[hide=Clan War Arena (Team Dueling)]


Clan War Arena


The Team Dueling Arena




Note: This mini-game IS now clan related. Its focus, however, is mini-game based. Any attention drawn to this will only result in me pointing out it's simply a suggestion, and to try and criticize constructivly. No flamming or spamming tolerated.




[hide=Introduction] A Clan Arena/Multi-Team Dueling is an idea that I stemmed from the basis that there are too many problems with clan wars. You get looters and third party clans/groups intentionaly crashing the wars, especially those of lower level clans. Sometimes team mates accidentally attack one another, and in the case of certain clans like pure, rules are broken by bringing players not found on the members list. The only thing that can really be done about this is either not fighting, or complaining after its happened.




[hide=Solution]My solution is a designated area that's purpose is specifically for team killing. This area, which would have sub-areas for each team duel, would consist of rooms. Each room would have an opposite, in which the other team would be located. The team captain is chosen by who enters the room first, and thus is the one who makes the final decisions. The team captain would either be the clan leader, or someone appointed by the clan to make the decisions.






[hide=Waiting Rooms]2001620366053059296_rs.jpg[/hide]


[hide=Arena Hall/Rankings]2005310650988514196_rs.jpg[/hide]




[hide=Summery] Here's how a basic team on team duel would be set up.



1) Each clan meets outside a room.


2) The clan leader (or an appointed member) enters the room.




2) All clan member enter the room and vote in the captain. After a 2 minute period, the highest vote holder wins.


3) This person is automatically set as the Team Captain.


4) After The Captain is chosen, the rest of the members can enter the room.


5) A panel at the far end of the room (opposite the door) will contain a list of options for the duel. This panel will be "usable" and will correspond to the panel used in the opponents room.


6) After rules are agreed upon by both leaders, and TWO screens are "oked," then the player will be placed into an arena.





[hide=Rules] Rules set by captains would be followed by BOTH groups. It could be set, for example, so that when someone dies they lose all their stuff, and the person responsible for killing them is rewarded with it at the end of the match. As Flava pointed out, pretty much just the identical setup of NORMAL Duel Arena. Some rules could include:



-No Prayer


-No Food


-No Armor


-No Magic


-Certain items lost upon death


-Auto Skull


-and more





[hide=Scenerios] Some different ways the arena could be used:



-Basic Wild War: No options are chosen except upon death all items are dropped, and visible only to killer for a time period




-No Drop War: A wild war setup but no items are lost if you die




-Basic War w/o Food or Prayer: No food or prayer, everything lost upon death





[hide=Location] There are many suitable locations for this Arena. Some possiblities are: The Duel Arena enterence, The Warriors Guild, An Island, and below Catherby.




Duel Arena:




A ladder down from Duel Arena enterence.




Warrior Guild:




It would be a dungeon located underneath, or possibly near the enterance.




Specific Island:




Not the same island, but one like it. Again as a dungeon.




Under Catherby:




A shed behind Catherby (by the farming plot) with a ladder going down.




[hide=Teleportation] If the Arena isn't found near the Duel Arena enterence, then I think wherever it is should have teleport access via The Ring of Dueling. This would make travel a lot simpler, and seeing as it is a mini-game, it should have its own teleport.








[hide=Ranking System] If clans are ever made official (as Runescape has proposed on the forums) then this area might be even better to use. You clan could possibly be listed in a highscores plaque found in the Arena Hall. This would serve to list the clans with both the most wins and the least losses. Basically a ratio, and the clan with the lowest would be featured in first. This would also root out the need for seperate scoreboards for each kind of clan (pures, rangers, 100+, etc.) because no its only the wins and losses that count.




[hide=Extras] The arena would also have other things located outside the waiting rooms, such as a bank, a hall, a shop or two, and maybe some benches to sit on while you wait for your clan. I also think this would be a good spot to set off on a new quest.
























-Magic Shad3




















[hide=Follow the Leader (Clan based quest, Making Clans Official)]




I think there would be a few too many problems with just anyone being able to make a clan if clans were to be made official. To solve this problem I think they should add a P2P quest in which once you complete it, you will be given the option to create a clan. The quest will not be hard, since there are a large range of clan levels out there, but will not be ridiculously easy. To complete you'd probably have to be around level 50 or higher.




[hide=The Quest Itself]




*30 Mining*


*30 Smithing*


*Ability to kill a level Corrupt King*




Starting Point:


*Clan Arena Hall*






The NPC in charge of archiving the Arena Hall, Gerio, will tell you that in order to use the Arena, let alone compete for rankings in the Hall, you must first lead a clan. He will not recognize anyone and their clan unless they are listed in the Ancient Clan Directory. After asking how to get your name in, he will mention that in the old days leaders could simply ask, but the people of Runescape are weak now, and not able to truely lead. He will allow your name in if you can smith yourself a Steel Broadsword and destroy a Corrupt King, an ancient clan leader which has been reaping havoc.






*Ability to smith Broadswords (stronger then long, used one hand)*


*Ability to Lead OFFICIAL Clan*


*Ability to use arena*


*2000 Smithing Xp*


*2000 Mining Xp*








[hide=Clan Owned Areas]




The enterance portal to the Clan Owned Area would be located on the Second Floor Basement of the Clan War Arena. Behind the ladder in the hallway (seen as a white rectangle) would be an portal. This would serve as the enterance/exit into your clans zone.






This would be an area similar to your Player Owned House, and would be accessable to ANY and ALL of your clan. If any problems with this, certain areas could be restricted to only higher ranking members of the clan.






UNDER CONSTRUCTION, Check back soon!










After finishing the quest for the Clan Duel Arena, you have the ability to smith Broadswords for each of the metals available in smithing. I also like the possibilty for a Dragon Broadsword, but wont get into that. Here are the stats for a Rune Broadsword.






Stab- 49


Slash- 52


Crush- -4


Magic- 0


Range- 0






Stab- 0


Slash- 2


Crush- 3


Magic- 0


Range- 0






Strength- 52


Prayer- 0




It would be as fast as a Long Sword but slightly stronger.






:D :D :D Suggestion are Appriciated! Your ideas will be added! :D :D :D




I think this can be a GREAT idea but first make some picture and think about some other ideas to make it better... There's very much white.. :roll:

Just lost 2mil ;)

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