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A dog named Archie. His hobbies are running and eating. Ironic eh? :P

"The cry of the poor is not always just, but if you never hear it you'll never know what justice is."


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I usually choose really lame names for my pets like Spoofy, Techno and Deefer (d for dog). Yes I really called my past cats and dogs those names.




I chose a semi sane one for my current dog, it's Sarge.




My cats name is Charlie-Horse. And shes a she haha.




rofl..... it's almost a ralph wiggum moment



The only people who tell you that you can't do something are those who have already given up on their own dreams so feel the need to discourage yours.

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I've got a red-eared turtle back in my homeland called Kimmy :D






I used to have a cat (cookie) and a dog (brownie). The dog hung himself and the cat ran off somewhere. Then I got told the cat got ran over anyway <.<

Ultra Unholy,

Hearted Machine...

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I had a cat (family cat) called Rosie, who died naturally.


A cat called peaches (brothers cat) That got ran over, it was so sad. I remember her glassly-looking eyes as we buried her.






I currently have...


A cat called poppy, (family)


A cat called Galaxy, gally for short. Brothers


A cat called Ginger, Ginny for short. Mine & Dads.




I sooooo want a horse.




But, when I'm older I'm going to have a cat called silver and a horse called Epona. Legend of Zelda FTW! I just love the name Epona.

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Fish :lol: -Marina(Brother's)




Family cat-Known to me as "I Mahkota I"




Of course,I help to feed them of course :roll:


so i herd u liek devarts?

If you look at me and feel offended by my 666-ism,think.I could be just as offended by your "cross".

[hide=This's why I'm hot]

The Eleventh Commandment:Thou Shalst only say "Amen,brother".

Amen, brother :lol:

Amen, brudda (referring to the 10th commandment)

amen Bruder! (german ftw)

I'm invulnerable to everything, except Lenin and Dragoonson.

That's impossible.


I love people.[/hide]

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I have a dog named Lola.




*EDIT* ÃÆââââ¬Å¾Ã¢Ãâë L- o - l - a Lola! Something something rum and cola.... I'm a man and so is LOLA! ÃÆââââ¬Å¾Ã¢Ãâë Just thought of that song...

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Three dogs- Baby Boy, Trouble, and Blue


3 cats- Gato Madre(Momma kitty in Spanish) and her two kittens John and Puddles(He took a pee pee in the AC Unit)

I shall take my flock underneath my own wing, and kick them right the [bleep] out of the tree. If they were meant to fly, they won't break their necks on the concrete.
So, what is 1.111... equal to?



Please don't continue.


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Lets see...




A dog named Emma




An African grey named Peanut




A red eclectis named Scarlet




A female umbrella cockatoo named Andy




2 cockatiels, 1 female, 1 male. female is Doe, and the male is KC




A sugar glider named Gigit




There are 2 birds that I wouldn't technically count as ours seeing as they are foster birds, but they've been in this house for over a year, so I'm just going to count them.




1 is a male umbrella cockatoo and his name is TJ




the other is a Blue and gold Macaw named Levi.



~^v^~Ex-Leader of the Divine Flames of Redemption~^v^~

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