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The Hogwarts Founders, now in pixel!


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So after my other pixel of slytherin, i decided to draw the four hogwarts founders in pixel...


serious and constructive critics are mostly appreciated, especially in anatomy and AA, this is the first time i use AA seriously.


If you just post a rating youre not helping me. tell me whats wrong and maybe how to improve.


im going to add a background when i feel like it, for now it stays as it is.


oh, and i wont add a beard to slytherin, i prefer him young :P






and please, dont post something like OMG HARRY POTTER OBSESSED FAN!!!11!!!


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Anatomy is nice.


Make the yellow trim on the red guy a bit darker when shading, its barely noticable on him.


I love the green guys glow in the dark stick tip :P . Although you should have made a secondairy lightsource effect on the red guys robes.


I dislike the fire, you should make it less messy, more lighter instead of defaultish yellow.


You should've atleast made some smoke, even if its only a little from the fire.




Thats about it, like it ::'


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I like it.




As said before, your anatomy is nice, and I also think the shading is quite good. The fire looks a little bit odd though, and the sword seems very 2D to me (or maybe I just didn't notice the shading on it, my monitor is very bright.:mrgreen:)




But overall, nice job, 8/10. :-D


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and please, dont post something like OMG HARRY POTTER OBSESSED FAN!!!11!!!























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good picture.. though i know why you put "sample" on it but i hate it


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ok, some bullet pointers =D




- shading, where are the light sources? mainly the fire and the glow, remember how much light they are casting and where.




- the light from them could be alot harsher, remember a lit match in a dark room only illuminates things very close to it, such as your hand, your arm and maybe half your face. what im trying to say is, it needs higher contrast.




- as you said the fire needs improvment. fire isnt [bleep]es, its got flow to it, i have definatly seen worse fire, but look at pictures of fire and see how it is made. basicly do some research XD




- the poses are sterial, dull. add more action to the image, or atleast something more interesting, say, leaning against an invisable pillar, or maybe casting a cool spell or summoning a bird, i dunno,, i personaly hate HP but yeah...




- again, as you said, the sword, room for improvment, yep. the lines are to stright, to within the rules. change the angle of it slightly, never hold shift when drawing lines. NEVER! it does not work, it makes images look stiff.




- back to the dullness of it, try looking at different angles, even a 3/4 view would work well, but an abstract, exagerated angel would look awsome.




- im guessing the ravenclaw or whatever is a girl, make it look nearer that way, a basic way would be to point the face more, even the guy in the middle has a thinner face. atm her face is kinda 'U' make it more 'V' or rather half way, dont have pointed chins, they are flat, but breifly.




-i see you have some folds and they look good, but add more of them and it could look alot better, remember more folds adds more flow, makes it look more dynamic, especialy is a spell is casting wind from it, blowing the characters hair and clothing.




- the slyverin guy, ment to be sinister right, if so make him look it more, and it can be done. remember what i said about lighting? well, if only half the face is visabl;e (hlaf in deep shadow) it can give a very synister look.




- make the trim more gold less yellow. but that may just be me.




- also when it comes to acesories, such as the sword handel, even some of the gems, they look better in lower saturation, the blue gems on the girl just look out of place because they contrast to much. lower the sat of that blue.




- not gonna comment to much on anatomy, however, the girls arms, one is about double the length of the other, the benmd one comes nearly as low as the hanging one. remember the elbow should fall to around the waist level (not hip, waist) with the wrist about half way down the outer thigh.




ok, yeah, what i said does require whole new everything, so i dont suggest you do all of what i said in this image, that would take a long time, however those points can be taken over to other images you do. but some of the things shouldnt be to hard to do, so do them XD




but most of all, have fun, thats what pixeling is all about =D






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really good, sword needs leetle beet o woork thogh.


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I think that youd still be able to see their feet. If you balance out where the robes cut off, you can see that the torso and legs just dont look the right length. If you add feet sticking out the bottom of the robes I think it would fix that.

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