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Beyond blue


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Well, I havn't been on here for AGES and technically shouldn't be on right now.. university exams.. first is tomorrow. darn it.




Anyway, last night I was mucking around with my camera, and took some photos of my eye and decided to play with them in photoshop. Unfortunately I was an idiot and saved over the original but I have an almost identical picture I will post as soon as I find it. Yes, my eyes are blue, but no, theyre not THAT blue.. i wish lol




This is what it looked like after just changing teh colour/contrast etc








In-between version








This is what it looks like after someone suggested adding 'makeup' to it lol.






Any CC/suggestions and which one do you prefer?












edit: picture very similar to the original;




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hey DS =D




not original, but well executed, i quite like it.




however the unsat'd face could use some more contrast, just looks kinda plain atm, and dunno, just needs more contrast =P




the makeup... hmm.... no as it is...




as in take the unmakeup'd one, and add a thin line of make up under the eye, you dont need any on the top, so, like max 3px brush (at this scale)




i guess why the make-up doesnt work is due to an earlyier thing i pointed out, low contrast.




but it looks good on the whole =)






100% my own work, i make my own brushes: set 1 set 2

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