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Fight like a warrior, Think like an enemy~New Sig


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My cable went out, so I couldn't watch tv or get on the internet, plus it was raining outside. So I got onto photoshop and just started doing stuff, never thought it would turn out this good though.


C/C and rate




PS: I have no clue where the sub text came in, but I was going to do something with fight like a warrior, but I couldn't think of anything else to go with it. What it means is, think like your enemy. If you have a fort where yuor enemy can get through somewhere, think like them and fix it up.

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His face looks kinda 2D, right hand has something about it I don't like.


I like it a lot.








P.S: I think the text would be better as "Think like the enemy" instead of "Think like an enemy"


Veni Vidi Vici

I came, I saw, I conquered.

Hail to the wiki! For all your information needs.

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i agree wioth the post above about the text, it makes more sence, and its better gramaticly.




the render is good, it works well with the colours, and alough im sure its not, its kinda like its just been slaped onto a background, it doesnt really have much depth.




that could be because of the brushes used, or it may need more contrast, probably both.




if you added a few layer between the render and the background with some more dynamic brushing, if you dont have any good brushes, then have a look at this pack




and then maybe a few lower opacity brushes ontop of him, maybe.




as regards where to place them have it comming from his back, about the middle of it.




it looks good, but its not perfect, yet.






100% my own work, i make my own brushes: set 1 set 2

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