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Have you ever done something stupid that almost got you kill


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at level 20, i decied to "train witht he greaters" and went to the wildy with all ym armor, weps, etc. i also spread my idea around. i got there, greaters attacked (i was lvl 20 against 90ish) and some pkers were waiting for me. lost me steel stuff and an iron scimmy.


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my first time down the stupid dwarven mines, good thing i was such a noob and brought my bank along, including my precius rat meats, never went back there until i realized coal mining at barb. village just wasnt gonna work



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i forgot to bring p pots to teh barrows and didnt notice i didn't have any until i ran out of prayer against Dharok and he killed me in 2 hits.


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I don't remember doing anything so dumb worth mentioning recently... but i feel like sharing this one time when I was hanging around w18 Edge, this one level 60 some pure was high alching (had like 10k alches on him I think) in black elegant and a fury. Someone dared him to go in the wilderness. He went in real quick, and was ready to come back when he got attacked. He came so close to getting ko'd by a mauler, only had a few hits left.




Whenever I alch, i'll be sure to stay out of world 18 edge north of ditch. I'm sure someone out there has a story like this, maybe they weren't as lucky as that pure.

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nice stories guys

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This happened two days ago:




I was barrowing, and was out of food in the tunnel, but I had guthans on me so I thought I would be fine. I healed to full and then I fought Ahrim, and he was hitting me hard through my karils armor, but I didn't want to tele. Right as I dealt the killing blow, he hit a 20, reducing me to 8 HP. I immediately teleported out, but I could've been one hit if a skeleton had attacked me. :ohnoes: I would've lost guth spear, fury, guth helm, whip, seer's ring, rune boots, barrow gloves, karil top and bottom, dds, and a bunch of runes. I would've kept my DFS, guth plate, and guth skirt. :wall:




Oh, and the stupidest time I actually died was at the iron dragons:




I ran in like I usually do, but got hit a 16 with protect melee on. I didn't understand what happened, so then he hit a 20 on me. At that point, I realized that I had brought my rune defender instead of my anti-dragon shield, and panicked. Instead of using the teleports that I had on me, I tried to outrun the fireballs, getting hit twice more. Right as I was by the black demons, I got dealt the finishing blow, and kneeled. I lost a black mask, obby cape, berserker ring, and a bunch of pots. That's the worst time I have actually died.

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I set up a cannon in the dungeon under the ogre city to kill greater demons faster. BAD IDEA...




After setting it up, I switched to the forums...


Apparently my cannon had shot an ogre shaman.


I come back in time to see it doing some crazy magic spell and hitting a 29 on me and then I fell to the ground dead.




Lost guthan spear, helm, fury, a crystal bow, my cannonballs, my firecape... all of my runes.

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i was wondering if specters could hit through prayer with out a nose peg on ....... so i put my mage prayer on att'd one and took off the peg hummm it hit constant 11's after decideing that it hit very well through prayer with out a peg i forgot to put the peg back on and only relised when i ended back in fally (ring of life not dieing luckaly)

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Lol, I did something stupid that did get me killed lol.




I tried to range elvarg with a bow lol, he hit me for 51, and then 7, and I was out =(


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When I was new to members, I tried to walk past Aberrant specters without a nose peg, thinking they're not aggressive, like most Slayer monsters aren't... Made it out of there with 12hp I think, with most of my stuff with me. Couldn't tele away either, because they lowered my magic level to 10 or so...




Another one happened when I was still f2p, I was training at ice giants with my full rune. I usually ate at 20hp, but this time I was talking to my friend via pm. After a little chat I looked at my hp only to find that I had 5 points left, and the ice giant was just hitting 0's... Managed to eat before they started hitting constant 8's again.

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Yesterday i was training on green dragons, i accidently attacked an autoer and just at that second a pker turned up and tangled me, luckily they were and idiot and charged before tbing me or i might be down a whip. i didnt really do something stupid because it was a mistake but lucky i didnt panic and got away. :lol:

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Yes. Several years ago, when I was new to members, I always tried to finish slayer tasks after I had run out of food, too lazy to fetch more. Unsurprisingly, I died many times on slayer tasks then :P

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When i was like lvl 8, I saw a bunch of bronze arrows in the wildy. The computer i was on was very slow, btw.




So i think, "wow, i can sell those arrows!" So i run into the wilderness. The warning pops up. I stop and start to reconsider....then I run again.








Halfway there my comp freezes as a skeleton comes up to me.






another time, i went into Varrock sewers wearing bronze chain body...at lvl 9... got pwned by a zombie.






I joined in during the time of the christmas cracker but didn't get one...






...i've done a lot of stupid things in this game...

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oh i did that at dragon slayer quest (died though lol)




but my near death experience was... i was at dagganoths (lighthouse) and decided to go to the toilet fast, couldnt wait any longer, came back and was like 6 hp away from certain death lol

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I was training agility at Ape Atoll, and I was running low on food, I had 15 hp, and I decided that i was going fishing on the fishing spots nearby, when i took my monkey gregree, a scorpion appeared and hit me a 15, and i died. :wall:


Hopefully I didn't lose anything valuable.


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Quests are the only things that have done me in.




In troll romance when I was new to members i died to aaaargh after I switched to range pray for a second, then had trouble changing back.




Lost my rune g kite and helm, pride of my f2p, luckily that was when I started making cballs so I made my money back soon enough.




Also got run over by a mine cart chasing around the boss from haunted mine.

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