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A little about me


Well, i've been playing runescape for about 2 1/2 years now


I don't have the time I used to have for runescape (football practice, Paint ball, parents, girlfriend, friends, etc.) Um mm my favorite band is Fall Out Boy. My parents are complete d-bags (pardon the language). So thats about it!I live in Wisconsin, i have 2 dogs, i have a brother and sister in college, im a junior this coming school year. I have tons of great friends








Well i have about a year or two left in me before i quit. I decided id get at least 3 99's so... I'll put the ones that i want to do up




99 fletching (easiest)




99 strength (Hard)




105 combat (at least)




70 range (easy with pc)




90 slayer (dark bow?)




99 defence (hard)








Well This will be hard to post about seeing as i'll do quests, gain cash, items and more so i'll post what I have at the start of the b-log










Da bank:http://img184.imageshack.us/img184/9399/bankitybankbanktb0.png




Im working on 99 strentgh right now i need 10700 pc points (got 53 <.< )




So thats it for now. my parents call to me to go bed. And it's almost 12:00 (midnight)


I'll add more tommorow morning.










-ottoman120 (first supporter wewt!)






foxracer220- d long and dds when i first became mem


Scorpian0100- 30k willows to fletch and burn (best friend irl and rs)

Remember, you came into this world with nothing, what makes you think you're going to leave it with anything?



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