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Nature Runecrafting Question


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Which way is faster:




Using the general store, or utilizing the glider system and a dueling ring? Reason i am asking is because i don't know which way i should be runecrafting.. I know the abyss would be the logical choice, but i can't go into the heroes guild yet so that is out... and i haven't done shilo village quest yet.




Lemme know what you think, or point me in the right direction, thanks.

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The abyss aint risky, trust me on my old main i crafted around 140k+ natures, 120k+ of them through the abyss. Its isnt risky if your smart and don't panic, I was pked once, when the inner was wildy to, since then not even lagg got me. So if your worried about the risk don't be, its so much faster to abyss it...




But if your backwards and uber risk averse, then luckily for you just before the abyss was relised i used to rc heavily the old way :P The general store method is slow. Simple as, dont use it just not worth the hassle, its been a while since i used it, in the days before pouches but i think i got a high of 400-500 per hour then. Not good... The did the quests n did glory tele/glider, works better can't remember figures per hour but it was an improvment and worth doing, mind you i was using glorys...




But seriously, use the abyss, its seriously worth it!

Solo GWD'er


Drops: Bandos Hilt x 1/ boots x 1 / Steam staff x 1 / Shards x 9


99 Str/ 99 Att/ 99 HP (More to come...)

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if you raised you're willing to raise your defence, you shld be able to use the abyss.




otherwise, use fairy rings (edge-fairyring-karamja-altar-gloryedge) if you've done hero's. if not you can use the zanaris bank instead of edge, if you've started fairytalep2. if you've not done these 2 quests, use the store method. but seriously just go do the quests, it helps alot.

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I craft my own nats everyday for alching and every time i use the fairy rings. I usually get around 500 in 30-45 min. I have to admit that the abyss is still faster, but you dont need a glory tele and no risk of dieing if you are lvl 65+.


If youre going to use the abyss, then get some home tele tabs and make a glory trophy for a quest hall, that way you get infinite teleports to edgeville.

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