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Dragon Slayer "Update"-The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


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It's time for another edition of "the good, the bad, and the ugly". This edition is based on the new dragon slayer update which is pretty much the only f2p update since varrock. Now, i'm not saying it is bad, but i think people should form their own opinions from this




The Good: We could easily start this out at any number of places. For one thing, it's longer since once you kill elvarg, you must return elvarg's head to oziach. This makes this quest a bit longer with all the walking around. Also, you have to go to the guildmaster to get the maze key, again extending the quest. With 2 "tiny" updates, they've extended the quest on about another 10-15mins. Another benefit is that once you have beaten dragon slayer, you may not go back into the higher floors of the maze. This makes it really good for people who want to beat the maze, without having higher lvl'd people taking their monsters. Yet another good thing about this could be elvarg's "lair". With almost no "safe spots" in there, it makes it more challenging for people who don't want to melee the dragon. With all this good stuff, this quest has become more fun, challenging, and longer in time.




The Bad: To start with the bad parts, we could easily use the good parts in this part. With longer time, it'll take people who have almost no computer time days to beat this quest. Instead of this quest being easily able to do in a day, people will be forced to leave it and finish it on another day. Another bad thing is the fact that melzar's maze isn't available to people who have already beaten the quest. This lowers the available training spots for people down 1. With 1 less training spot, people who were in there to train are now forced to go to spots like crandor/karamja and the stronghold of security. One big addition to the "bad" list is the fact that the safe spots are at a minimum in elvarg's lair. This makes killing elvarg only really good if your a melee type of person, and almost gives the mages/rangers a bit of a "shove off the stage". With the bad stuff and the good stuff being almost similar, it's hard to see if this update was either good or bad.




The Ugly: Though most people have seen the thing where it says elvarg's lair was update, not many people really know that most of this quest was updated as well. This is one game update where most people haven't known the entire thing of it.

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I dont see how going back to Oziach is any diffrent, the whole point of doing the quest is so that you can buy the rune plate from him, and if most people were like me, they saved up the money before they did the quest and once the quest was complete went running back to Oziach so that they could buy the plate and show it off, if there lvl was high enough! (but then again I did this quest back in classic, when getting the plate was actually an accomplishment)

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I didn't know about the game/quest update of that part- it's definitely a con. But the graphics in Elvarg's lair are definitely better, but I did see some possible safespots. Whether you can get hit from Elvarg or hit Elvarg from there, I don't know.


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I think there are too few places for F2P to explore.There are only 7 places for F2P to explore but P2P have 99!That is not fair for F2P.So I agree with you---there are too few spots for F2P to train.I think Runescape should add more quests for F2P.Ya?

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You got to take her head back to Oziach now? That would be cool to see :). But I have already done this quest...



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