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~**~How Many Times Have You Been Called A.......


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Hello fellow tiffers im Swagger G and i am wondering...




how many times have you been called a......




''no lifer'' -.-


''nerd'' -.-


''geek'' -.-


or bin told to ''get a life''(ty eradicate) -.-




Strictly the ones said above!






Note:this is NOT about how many times you have been called a noob nub frub ch00b and all that.




Any more names(to do with playing comp too much and that) will be appreciatd please post them here.

Let your yellow mellow.

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been called a nerb because i went to the bank to get lobsters after i ran out of food in wildy ? lol and a no lifer when i was taking all the iron rocks lol :lol: no geek yet though

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Lets See......Lol


I've been called a no lifer by alot of people including my parents (LOL they dumb)


I've been called a nerd cause i had 99 prayer (you can only have it if your a nerd you know)




Ummm Geek i'm not sure but mostly likely have been haha :XD:


33 Abyssal Whip Drops 8 Dragon Drops

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Was told to "get a life" when ranging blue dragons and the mage wasn't fast enough to ks one. :D




I love it when people on rs say "get a life" to one another - it's SO hypocritical.





Don't follow me. You might not make it.

All your accounts are belong to us now.
If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator
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someone called me nolifer last night, other than that i don't remember.

Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either

a fool or a coward.


Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law

is both.


For a wounded man shall say to his assailant:

"If I live, I will kill you, If I Die, you are forgiven."


Such is the Rule of Honor.

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i just got called nerd and no lifer by a lvl 95 because i said i just got 100 combat :XD:

Played since February 2001


13th to 30 hunting

firemaking cape achieved 6th August 2008_-_-_-_Quest cape achieved 19th August 2009

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None \'


Even if I was called one of them- I know that I am fine with my friends, going fine at school and socially.


So if I get called a "geek" i would probably respond:


"And how do you know"


Just remember you are you- That's all that counts


Even on my death bed, I'll bare-hand that bloody shark.

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Considering ive had my account for 3 months and a week or so, and have already achieved 110 combat (without pc). I get the "no-lifer" quite often. Little do they know I work a full time job. People are just jealous because you know how to manage your time better than they do.

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Im alching




Random dude: Colossus?


me: yes?


Random dude: Magic level?


me: 78, close to 79.


Random dude: Do i look like i care nerd?


me: Whatever, start alching again.




And shortly after he did the same with another one...




Was the only time i can remember, and happend today...





- I'm not proud of everything I've done, but I have no regrets


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Every day I am called that atleast 10 times. Most recently (last night) I was out solo pking and logged in on a 3 man team to attempt and kill them. They all prayed melee and tagged me like crazy so I ran down to a lower level wild incase I had to escape. I notice that one person has turned off his pray so I turn around and 2 hit him. Take his loot and move on to the next person. I would have killed them all but the one that I had killed returned with range so I ran.




Point of this story is that I walked down with them (they couldnt attack me in 19 wild and lower) and they called me a noob pker and stuff the whole time. The said I couldn't pk and I suck at Runescape. This was all normal. Then one of them said I need to stop playing Runescape and get a life because I am sad since I am such a high level. This is what angered me but I simply replied "This is coming from someone who is flaming over an online game" and they just called me noob again and left.

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It seems "no life" is the new buzz word for someone who would have called you a "noob". Considering noob has lost all meaning people are insulting others more closer to home, people get a satisfaction of believing themselves that off the game they're better than you. Its pretty narcisistic but since theres no real ramifications of insulting someone on the game (other than being banned, which lets be honest doesn't happen often) people will continue insulting your life to make themselves feel better.




I usually get into arguments with people because thats how i am, if someone does something scummy i'll point it out, they'll call me a noob or no lifer if im better than them and my response will usually be "well done on knowing someones entire background after 2 minutes on an internet game". i've never been responded with a decent comeback, people just seem to put on their blinkers and mindlessly insult other people. I'd recommend putting public chat off, it makes them look really stupid trying to insult someone who obviously can't see it, they usually stop and if they dont they need something better to do. :lol:

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well i have never been called any of those names except from my mates(im not sure if that counts), but most people just follow me asking for stuff and i kindly give them a nice message :twisted: which i cant say on tip it unfortunately.




but names are words and words do not hurt. but oh well on with the topic

signature your as this use backwards this read to enough smart were you if

^^^^read backwards^^^^




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^^^^The new Bandits^^^^


even i have the misfile craze!!!

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I've been called a nerd some times during the years. Doesn't bother me at all because I know I'm doing well in real life too.:)




Normally it's just because that certain person is jealous of your stats..

99 ranged | 99 magic | 99 defence | 99 hitpoints

Remember, it's just a game

Feel free to add me on RS. :) Always ready for a chat.

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I can honestly say that in six years of playing RS, I've never been called a geek or a nerd.




I think those types of insults are generally the end result of an arguement with someone. It's not the first thing people come out with and since I avoid arguements, I've never been given this particular insult.

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People say I have no life becuse I play RS for an hour a day... <.< And they are the ones that play halo for 6 hours every single day!! I just dont get it -.-

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