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~*~Joker's Blog to 99 Fishing~*~

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61-99 Fishing Blog(If you take the time to read this, please leave a post. Just say good luck if nothing else.) :D Thanks! :D




The Man


I'm 15 years old and I live on the eastern side of the United States in the state of Pennsylvania. I'm part of a band, in which I play bass guitar. I run Cross Country and Track at my school. I set one of the top 30 course records for my school in cross country last year, and I was only a freshmen. (Not meaning to brag, just proving I'm not lazy. Lol.) Obviously, I also enjoy to play video games. Aside from Runescape I like to play Halo 2, Guitar Hero 2, and Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, just to name a few. I just thought you all might want to know a little bit about me, since you're taking the time to read my ridiculous blog.




The Plan


Fly Fish... Fly Fish... and Fly Fish. Cheap, easy xp. :thumbsup: According to most of the guides I've read, this is the fastest method. All I gotta do is take the time. (If anyone knows of a better method let me know.) I'm going to spend most of my time on Runescape fishing. I want to have a laid back pace, it may take me an extremely long time, but that's ok, that's what the blog is for.




The Location


Shilo Village of course!! Several fishing spots with a close bank, what could be better?? Only problem is there is never really anyone to talk to there... So it gets kind of boring. -.- So if anyone feels like paying me a visit just add me (JokerB_2) and drop on by. :D




The Caught Fish


Well, no point of doing all this work and not making any money right?? I'm gonna be cooking (yea it's gonna take forever) and selling all of the fish I catch, so if anyone wants to buy some just pm me. :wink:




The Blog


    [*:2yeibozs] July 2, 2007 - Went from 61-63 fishing. Met a pretty nice guy who was also going for 99 fishing. It's nice to find someone to talk to.
    [*:2yeibozs] July 3, 2007 - A pretty uneventful day really, only went from 63-64 fishing. Nothing much else happened.
    [*:2yeibozs] July 4, 2007 - Fourth of July!!! Woot fireworks with my friends!!! Among all the craziness of the holiday I still managed to get to 65 fishing. My friend and I nearly went deaf from all the firecrackers.. Lol.
    [*:2yeibozs] July 5, 2007 - Pretty uneventful... Practiced a lot with my band today. Then came home and got 66 fishing ftw!
    [*:2yeibozs] July 6, 2007 - Not much happened, got 67 fishing that's it.
    [*:2yeibozs] July 8, 2007 - Didn't fish, cooked instead. Only cooked like 1000 fish though. Still got me a few levels.

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Good luck with your fishing!


^Sir Jem 05-The Bunny Drinking Blog?^ Click it!


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Good luck with your goal, man. I'm going for 99 as well, but i'm using Monkfish. I would do Shilo for the levels, but I prefer trimming my cape with 99 Cooking.. And the profit doesn't hurt anyone :D .




Follow the link in my Signature if you feel like giving me a bump and some support. O:)


3,331st to 99 Fishing - 9-18-07 | 25,851st to 99 Cooking - 10-6-07

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cool i know someone who fly fished from 76 and it took him roughly around 200k feathers good luck and post on my blog next :P


gwd drops:


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